Situation is like that of 1975; Emergency may Re-Emerge in Another Form Let People be awake to preserve the civil liberties!

Human Rights are the privileges and liberties of the citizens which is a distinct part or organ of human life. Those are the birth rights of a human being and cannot be construed as if it is conferred by the Constitution of the country. Government often indulges into a swoop upon such rights. On the strength of its powers and authority it makes both, use and misuse of police force. Many such incidents have come to light after 1947 when attempts were made to violate human rights, freedom of thoughts, speech and the press. Be it 1975 or 2018, ruling regimes have endangered the civil liberties and human rights.

Since 25-06-1975, a spell of 43 years has elapsed since Emergency was clamped but its memories cannot be erased even to-day. At that time, under the leadership of Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Narayan, people had energetically fought against the emergency. Mistakes committed by Indira Gandhi and unrealistic economic policy adopted by her ultimately resulted into intolerable shortages of articles and inflation. In the decade of the 70’s the Govt. had strangulated our economy by imposing various kinds of checks and controls. This had benefitted black-marketers and corrupt people. The ruling party – Congress – had chocked the people by clamping emergency after seizing or capturing absolute and rampant powers. The condition of the common men had worsened so much due to fast rising inflation and unemployment that law and order situation had worsened to the point of collapse. Constant attacks were waged on the judiciary. Farmers, workers unions, civic societies had no freedom of expression. On the pretext of and in the name of ‘Emergency’, leaders like Jay Prakash Narayan, Morarajee Desai and Atal Bihari Bajpayee were arrested and detained in the jail. Freedom of speech and personal liberty of leaders battling for civil liberties and human rights were snatched away and strategy was hedged to impose autocratic and authoritarian rule by chocking voice of dissent. Amendments in acts and Constitution, including use of ‘MISA’ were effected to cow down political opponents and others.

Above situation is prevailing to-day in the year 2018 as though ‘Undeclared Emergency’ has been imposed in the shadowy form of the former Emergency. To-day, the ideology of autocratic rule and fascist forces has begun to establish its hold. Efforts for establishing autocratic rule have been made by taking recourse to military regime and by violation of personal freedom of individual and speech. Arbitrary, anti-people and autocratic approach of the Govt. is distressing pro-democracy citizens. Everywhere, freedom of speech, writing and expression are being infringed. Nowhere freedom is tangible, where the people can express their voice. In the democratic country, it appears as though atmosphere of fear and terror has become dominant. On the economic front, vacuum has emerged on account of demonetization and imposition of GST.

Systematic efforts are being made for harassing the activists struggling for defending, preserving and promotion of human rights. Activists working for human rights by risking their lives are being branded as guilty of treason. Systematic attacks are being made by the Police on the whistle blower, peaceful demonstrators and Human Rights activists. Any voice of protest or dissent is termed as anti-national and perilous. Negative treatment is being meted out towards poor people, farmers, have-nots and all the classes battling for their legitimate rights. Attempts by activists to voice the problems facing the different classes of the society are being mercilessly crushed. Our stalwart colleague and Senior Advocate Girishbhai Patel has rightly pronounced that “Modi’s model is of joblessness, ruthlessness, voiceless and futureless.”

For the sake of freedom of our future generation, its esteem, security and for defense of democracy, prudent, educated, foresighted, practicable and reality minded citizens need to shake off their differences and should unite together irrespective of any party affiliations. There is a need for all-out efforts by all the democratically minded citizens to get united to forestall any kind of dictatorship. There is a strong need on the part of non-partisan and concerned citizens to take up the task of keeping at bay emergency by educating our illiterate masses, awakening and uniting them, in the coming days.


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