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The Rohingyas: Don’t they have Any Claim on the Mother Earth?

Rohingyas are said to be stateless people, which means they have no country of their own on this planet. They are unwanted and persecuted by the countries which they have to inhabit. They rank worse than birds and beasts and are treated as such.

There are laws in the so called civilized countries against cruelty to animals and against killing animals and birds. There are creatures declared 'protected' in many countries. The people cannot kill these animals, even if the animals kill them or destroy their source of livelihood like their crops.

In our country, lawlessness is the law of the land to protect Gau Mata, the cow). You can kill anyone with virtual impunity in the name of protecting the cow. Most of the so called civilized countries have 'wild life sanctuaries' to provide a habitat for animals and provide them with suitable environment for survival and procreation. Don’t the Rohingyas deserve as much or as little as even the birds and beasts?

Rohingyas are stateless people of Indo Aryan stock. Living mainly in Rakhine state of Myanmar, India and Bangladesh. Their number in Myanmar is about a million. About another million are refugees and migrants . The majority are Muslim but a small minority is Hindu. Their language bears similarity to Bangla as spoken in Chittagong region of Bangladesh .They moved to Burma, the present Myanmar ) legally when Burma was part of British India. In fact, many of them occupied important positions in the legislature of that country.

They were made stateless when under the Burmese law of 1982, the Rohingyas migrants who settled there after 1923, were denied full citizenship. They are not stateless owing to their own or anyone elses' s lawless acts but because what was lawful was made unlawful with the change of the regime later. They are denied freedom of movement , state education and civil service jobs. They moved to Burma, which was part of India, but became victims of the military rule in that country. The helpless people have suffered military crackdown in 1978, 1991-1992, 2012, 2015 and 2016-2017.

Those who are in India, too, are not welcome. They are just tolerated. In fact, now there is some move to get rid of them. Myanmar has been treating them as alien enemies and has been accused of from ethnic cleansing to genocide due the repeated crack down by the State as well as the country's citizens. The U.N. recognises them as the 'most persecuted people' today. But they need rescue from persecution and a respectable settlement not pious toothless declarations .Solid action to save them is not only the desperate need of the helpless Rohingyas but of humanity itself

And who does the planet earth belong to if not to all the creatures inhabiting it? It belongs to all human beings and not only to the creatures of politics called 'citizens.' Humanity owes it to Mother Earth to treat all her children alike whether they have a state or are stateless. To persecute the stateless persons is nothing but the modern form of inhuman tribalism. Either all States should treat the stateless persons humanely and with respect or the world community must create a 'State for the Stateless Persons inhabiting the planet earth'.

USA is a country of migrants. Australia is no more a country of the natives and is a State of migrants. Israel was created for the Jews, who had no State of their own and were persecuted almost everywhere Israel is the result of the guilty conscience of the victors of the World War II for the holocaust and the worse done to the Jews. If the States cannot treat the Stateless of the world humanely, the world community must create a State for the Stateless people of the world to give them their due as the children of the Mother Earth.

Note: The reference to Israel should not be taken as the justification for its creation or its subsequent, conduct , but only to make the point that if the States cannot treat the stateless people with due respect , the Stateless people should be given a State of their own.


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