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Report of the Seven-Days Fast against Mob-Lynching Ended

The 7-day Satyagraha Fast at Jantar Mantar has ended. On the last day, many people from social-political-educational-religious organizations came to the venue; farmers-workers-students unions too came to attend; many people came of their own. But they all expressed solidarity with the cause. The presence of the youth continued to remain encouraging; they came in large numbers on the seventh day also. Many youths from the nearby cities of Delhi came over after reading the news on social media.

Renu Gambhir, Prof. Gopeshwar Singh and Manju Mohan offered fruit juice to end the Fast with the hope that the society will take strong action at every level to prevent mobocracy which defies the constitutional order and human civilization.

Lohia was not in favour of fasting. Due to his participation in the freedom movement, he had a long experience and the courage to go to jail. Many of us do not have that. But it seems that there is not too many options left. If people survive from the mob, it is possible that a part of the life might be spent in jail. If mobocracy continues to grow like this then chances are that political workers will also be targeted, just some writers and intellectuals have been targeted. And governments will stand far apart. Just like they are doing now.

The present government is working day and night to transfer the public-social-national resources of the country into the hands of domestic and foreign corporate houses and multinationals. As soon as this government came into power, it allowed 100 percent Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Defense sector. During the rule of previous government, the Land Acquisition Act of 1894, was slightly amended in the interest of the land-owner farmers. When the present government came to power, it brought the Ordinance on that new Act. It is privatizing the 'Navaratna' units of the public sector. It is selling railway stations. To keep the attention of people away from this heinous national crime, it has engaged them in mutual differences and violence.

Supporters of neo-liberal policies, whether they are leaders or civil society activists, cannot stop mob-lynching. Communalism has been the effective tool of capitalist occupation from the beginning. It was due to this that the country was divided. Now the country is again being divided. Therefore, the desire and efforts of the neo-liberal supporters in this direction are naturally doomed to be half-hearted and inadequate.

The experience of the Fast has inspired us to do work further towards preventing mobocracy. Many colleagues have resolved to work together. The efforts will continue. We have to assure the minorities, especially the youth, that everyone has equal rights in India. They need not to fear, and should not to be misguided.

Dr. Prem Singh, Dept. of Hindi, University of Delhi, Former Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and Former Visiting Professor, Center of Eastern Languages and Cultures, Dept. of Indology, Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria


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