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Memorandum to H.E. the President: Stop this Typhoon of ‘Mobocracy’


The President of India,

Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi.


Honourable Sir,

A meeting of concerned citizens of Gujarat met on Thursday, 19th July 2018 in Ahmedabad under the auspices of Movement for Secular Democracy (M.S.D.). The meeting was chaired by eminent journalist, activist and convenor of M.S.D. Shri Prakashbhai N. Shah. A resolution on recent attack on Shri Swami Agnivesh and rise in ‘Mobocracy’ in the country was passed in the meeting. The resolution is as follows:

Resolution: Stop this Typhoon of ‘Mobocracy’

We the citizens of Ahmedabad-Gujarat severely condemn the attack by Mobocracy on Shri Swami Agnivesh. The concern of the common citizens is growing over rise in ‘Mobocracy’ instead of Democracy in our country.

The ‘mobs’ are creating havoc under different pretexts and taking law in their own hands, whether in the name of Cow slaughter, fear psychosis of child trafficking gangs or because of the difference in opinions. There seems total absence of ‘Rule of Law’ or ‘Government’ in the entire country.

When the common people are toiling under severe price rise, increasing unemployment, difficulty in access to basic facilities like education and health, etc. these ‘Mobocracy’ is adding to their woes.

It is shocking that when on one side The Supreme Court of India is warning the Central Government over this mobocracy, on the other side, simultaneously, a ‘Saffron’ mob attacks Swami Agnivesh in Jharkhand!

In democracy, it is the responsibility of the ruling class to create awareness and atmosphere for educated and well informed consensus. The obligation should be shared by the fourth estate i.e. Media also. It is the call of the hour to say ‘NO’ to the factory of fake information in the form of Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

It is also the call of the hour for the common citizens of the country to say ‘NO’ to the overt and covert involvement of the ruling party in such ‘Mobocracy’. It is also imperative on the civil society to stay vigilant so that this ‘Mobocracy’ do not creep deep into our social life and become the order of the day.

We the citizens of Ahmedabad-Gujarat condemn such ‘Savagery” of ‘Mobocracy’; the overt and covert involvement of the ruling party and demand stringent exemplary punishment to the culprits.


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