Lynching of the Muslims under Modi Rule

Modi's love for the cow is a smokescreen for his hatred for the Muslims. It is well known that a handful of poor Muslims have been engaged in cow-slaughter to provide cheap food to their poor brethren, but the big slaughter houses which have been exporting beef worth millions have been the prized possession of the rich Hindus ironically belonging to the BJP. Thus, all these days the RSS, Modi and the BJP have been swallowing the camel, but straining at the gnat.

After Modi came to power, he made the ban on the cow slaughter a ploy/excuse to harass and kill poor Muslims. It is the unstated policy of the government to lynch Muslims on the pretext of their taking a cow for 'slaughter' . The lynch mob sheds the innocent Muslim blood as they know that the State is their Protector. The Hindu Hriday Samrat is their Patron, and they can kill with impunity. The Samrat does not have to herald his message. HIS SILENCE IS HIS MESSAGE. The appointment of 11 killers of Aqlakh in the NTPC is his message. The impunity of the killers of Pehlu Khan is his message.

It is also public knowledge that the poor Muslims who slaughtered cows for a living do not rear them (never did). It is the Hindus who sold them the cows when they ceased to be of use and affordable to maintain. The Sangh never launched a campaign against selling unproductive cows and oxen to slaughter houses. They couldn't care less. They have had no love for cows. Their apparent love for the cow is born of their hatred for the Muslims. Could Modi, the RSS and the BJP announce at the time of elections that in the North East, Kerala and Goa there would be no ban on cow -slaughter and beef eating if they really loved the cow? Or are the cows in those states not their mothers but step-mothers fit only to be slaughtered?

In every crime, the accomplice is equally guilty, but in the case of cow slaughter the law is different. The lynch mob kills the innocent Muslim, but never tries to find out who sold the cow to the alleged culprit. There is law against the person who slaughters a cow but not against the person who sold the cow for the slaughter. Or if there is a law, it is never invoked.

Shedding innocent blood is a heinous crime, and shedding the blood of brother citizens for ascent to power is treachery against one's motherland.


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