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How Indian Democracy has been sold to the Corrupt Rich!

Prime Minister Modi's devotees may find it difficult to believe but they should verify what is stated if they love Bharat Mata more than they love Narendra Modi.

The Congress opened the door for taking money from the Corporates by providing in the law that companies may donate /contribute up to 7.5 % of their profit to the political parties. But it was also provided that the information regarding the amount of donation and the parties to which the donations were made would be recorded and would be public i.e. it can be known who received the donation and how much. Modi has changed the law now. Under the amended law, the companies may donate unlimited amount to the parties whether they made any profit or not and the information about the amount of donation given and the parties to which the donations were made would not be disclosed. This means that shell companies would be opened which would be the conduit for passing on black money to the political parties. It would also be a conduit for the flow of foreign funds without the people having any clue (knowledge) of the transaction.

The question is: how can a company which makes no profit give money to anyone? How can a company which has no money give money to anyone? Obviously, it can give black money which the company has or may obtain. Similarly, foreign money can also be passed on to the political parties through this conduit. Since the information would be secret under the law, nobody would know about this sordid illegal transaction. Modi has also passed a law which provides for Electoral Bonds. These bonds can be purchased from banks. Once purchased, it would be like a note which has no record of who the note belongs to. These bonds can be given to political parties only for encashment, but again, who gave these bonds to whom would be not known to the public. The money donated through Electoral Bonds would be white. The previous Chief Election Commissioner Zaidi had written to the government drawing attention to these dangerous implication of the move but the objection was not pursued by his successors.

The Representation of the People's Act is also being amended to dispense with the provisions which would not allow keeping the transactions secret.

It is public knowledge that our political parties survive and thrive on black money doled out by the rich and their governments pay them back by pursuing pro-rich policies. Since most, if not, all parties thrive on black money, they are silent.

However, the Congress did not have the courage to openly embrace the rich. Even NDA headed by Vajpayee could not dare embrace the Corporates because Vajpayee had acquired a reputation and stature which he did not want to sacrifice. Modi is a creature of the Corporates and the RSS and has no fear of losing anything. He, undoubtedly, is popular and is considered very effective by his followers but has no prestige that Vajpayee had. Thus, he has no prestige to lose and has millions to gain because of his association is with the Corporates and he knows that the Corporates would not find a better bet and friend than him .Thus, he aims at receiving astronomical amount from the rich to beat the other parties both in money and electioneering .

But Indian democracy and the common man are going to be great losers, and India may be in turmoil if its democracy is turned into a plutocracy (the rule of the rich) in democracy's garb.


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