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December 2008
PUCL Condemns the arrest of Lenin Kumar; it throttles freedom of expression. Click

Death of Y P Chhibbar, 2 December 2008. Click

November 2008
PUCL Campaign to free Dr. Binayak Sen. Click

PUCL report on flood relief in Supaul and Saharsa relief camps Click

October 2008
Statement on Maoist disruption of the non-violent Human Shields. Click

Shahbaz Ahmed wrongly charged in connection with serial bomb blasts in Jaipur - A PUCL/PUHR report. Click

PUCL Letter to NHRC on Media Management of Report on Salwa Judum. 10 Oct., 2008. Click

"Arresting Film Maker May Have Been a Mistake" Vishwa Ranjan, DGP Chhattisgarh under fire for human rights record at berkeley conference
. Click

September 2008
Supreme Court order vindicates PUCL's stand on Salwa Judum, September 2008 | Click

Dr. Binayak Sen trial The sinister ways of Chhattisgarh police - Events of the third phase of Dr. Binayak Sen's trial & incidents preceeding Ajay TG's bail -- By Kavita Srivastava. Click

"Blatant and shocking attempt by the police to plant false incriminating evidence against Binayak." -- By Dr. Abhay Shukla Member, National Human Rights Commission. Click

A call for trial observers. Trial update by Rajendra Sail, Chhattisgarh PUCL Raipur, 15th September, 2008 Click

August 2008
Rebuilding lives - PUCL Rajesthan report on victims of Jaipur bomb blasts, August 2008, Click

May 2008

The Jaipur terror scapegoat: PUCL Rajesthan report by Kavita Srivastava, 24 May 2008 Click

April 2008
“Encounter Death” at Kodaikanal PUCL Coimbatore, 19, April 2008 Click

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