Press release on the case of Ms. Neelmani Manjhiyaaeen:

"The PUCL Jamshedpur expresses its deep anguish and on the irresponsible manner of working of the National Human Rights Commission. This complaint of the Jamshedpur PUCL arises from a specific case.

"The Jamshedpur PUCL had forwarded the case of one Ms. Neelmani Manjhiyaaeen for getting her justice and relief in 1996. In spite of repeated reminders the NHRC could not take any action in the case. Ultimately, in April 2000 the PUCL informed the Commission that it could now close the file of this case as Ms. Neelmani had died. After this the letter the PUCL received a communication sent by the commission in the first week of May forwarding the copy of he hearing in the case heard on December 15, 1999. In this hearing the Commission had directed the Bihar Government to pay a compensation of Rs. 2,00,000 within six months for her rehabilitation. This decision was not conveyed to the Jamshedpur PUCL and even after six months of the hearing no steps have been taken for implementation of the directive.

"It may be mentioned here that Ms. Neelmani was an undertrial prisoner in a fake case from 1973 for ten years. She gave girth to a son, named Raju, while in jail. With the efforts of human rights activists she was released after 10 years. Efforts were made for her rehabilitation. The then President of the Jamshedpur PUCL Shri Jawahar Lal Sharma, got her flat through the Dy. Commissioner, under Indira Awa's Yojana.

"The present President of Jamshedpur PUCL, Shri Subroto Bhattacharjee said that Neelmani underwent undue harassment while she lived and even after her death it has not ended."

May 17, 2000

MK Dutta, Vice President
Jamshedpur PUCL


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(PUCL Bulletin, July 2000)