Bail for Shivdan Ganju

(Copy of the letter sent to The Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission, Sardar Patel Bhawan,
New Delhi - 110 001)

Ref: - Your No. 1297/4/98-99 dt 11/1/2000
We intimated to you that the Ranchi Bench of Patna High Court has granted bail to Shri Shivdan Ganju on 11.7.2000.

We are pleased inform you now that we have completed the formalities of arranging two bailers, one of them is his father, as required, on 9.8.2000 at Lohardaga CJM Court. Now Shri Shivdan Ganju has been released from Ranchi Remand Home. He will be soon talking up the work of screen-printing to support his aged and poor parents.

You requested us to take up the case of Shri Shivdan Ganju and to arrange to get him released on Bail, vide your order sheet dt. 3.10.'98 and the letter dt. 8.10.'98 from Sr. SP (Now addl. DIG) Mr. Shivaji Singh.
Since then we moved the Bail Petition at CJM Court and letter to Additional Judicial Court Lohardaga but on both occasion the bail were rejected. Even for a date for hearing of Bail Petition, the lower Courts took unnecessarily long time.

We thereafter took out the certified copies from Lohardaga Court and filed the Bail Petition at Ranchi Bench of Patna High Court and this time High Court called for report on the stage of the trial and later called for the papers from the lower Court. This process also took considerable time. And finally, on 11.7.2000, Ranchi Bench of Patna High Court ordered Shivdan to be released on Bail on furnishing two Bailers, of which one should be, his father. This we have arranged and now Shivdan has been released from Remand Home Ranchi on 9.8.2000.

Shivdan Ganju was taken in custody on 10.9.'94 as a minor boy of 12 years and now almost after six years he is an adult of 18 years. He was taken into custody from a village in Palamu District purely on suspicion and even after six years, his trial has not yet been started. His name did not appear in the FIR too.
Hundreds and thousands of "Shivdan Ganju" are languishing in Jails for years together as 'under trial' prisoners. Since the formation of National Human Rights Commission in 1993 and the movement carried on by different Human Rights groups & activists, including PUCL, a serious look has to be given to analyze what we have achieved in our effort to reform police, jails, and Judiciary.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
For PUCL Jamshedpur
(S. Bhattacharjee)
President& Member of National Council

(The footnote is that the NHRC, contrary to the assurances to the Jamshedpur PUCL, is not reimbursing the amount of Rs six thousand spent by it -General Secretary)

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(PUCL Bulletin, Sept., 2000)