Harassment of a citizen, abusive word to PUCL President,
Jamshedpur PUCL writes to S. P.

The Superintendent of Police,
East Singhbhum,
Jamshedpur 831 001

Dear Sir,

Sub: - Harassment and illegal act by police personnel.

We are constrained to bring to your notice the case of police excesses conducted by Kadma P.S. The report is as under-

1) That Shri GC Das a school teacher, resident of 4, Lohia Path, Bhatia Bastee, Uliyan, Kadma was forcibly taken away by police force on July 2000 at 11.00 PM.
2) It has come to our knowledge that a retired police person, Shri Hiramon Prasad, has a house of his own in front of the house of G C Das.
3) That this retired police person influenced Kadma P.S. through his personal contacts and wanted to force GC Das to shift his boundary gate.
4) That on enquiry it has been found that this retired policeperson has already 3 gates in his boundary of the house. There is no reason for him to force Mr. Das to shift his gate. Mr. Das constructed his house after getting the plan approved by the JNAC.
5) That however Kadma police took the side of retired policeperson and acted most illegally and illogically in this petty case.
6) That police started threatening GC Das from the month of June and he was called to PS and asked to shift his gate otherwise to face dire consequences.
7) That yesterday night, at about 9 PM, Mr. Das was called to police Thana and was asked to meet the DSP Shri Binod Kumar. Police however did not care to clarify as to why GC Das should visit police thana at their dictates.
8) That PUCL President S. Bhattacharjee tried to enquire the matter on telephones from Kadma PS. After revealing his identity Mr. Bhattacharjee asked to know the reason of calling Mr. GG Das at Kadma P.S. On this the OC Kadma police flared up and started threatening and used abusive languages. He said that "TOHRA GANRIA MEIN DANDA GUSHER DENGE" ("shove a stick up your arse). On this Shri Bhattacharjee dropped the telephone and then started searching for Mr. Binod Kumar DSP. Through Police Control Room he could know that the DSP Shri Binod Kumar was also sitting in the Kadma P.S. On getting this information he tried to contact DSP on phones at Kadma PS, but Kadma PS refused to pass on the telephone to Shri Binod Kumar. Shri Bhattacharjee then contacted DSP Smt. Shashi Bala Sharma and also DSP Shri SK Jha but they declined to come in the picture intimating that they were not in charge of Kadma PS. Mr. SK Jha suggested to contact you at Circuit House.
9) After repeated attempts we could not contact you at circuit House as you had been out and came back at late night. On getting the information that Kadma police personnel had forcibly taken Mr. GC Das away to Kadma PS a large number of PUCL members came to Kadma PS to enquire about the matter.
10) At the Kadma PS the retired policeperson was also there, apparently in a happy mood seeing that Shri GC Das had been detained. The OC Mr. LP Singh was continuously hurling abusive languages on Shri GC Das and threatening him to implicate him in false cases. The other police constable in a drunken condition was also threatening Shri GC Das with consequences.
When PUCL team asked the OC Kadma PS to inform as to why they are acting in a partisan way and also in such illegal manner, OC became very arrogant and refused to reply anything.
This harassment of GC Das continued up to 1 AM today and after obtaining written statement from him he was allowed to go.
11) In this matter the DSP, Mr. Binod Kumar, was contacted at about 11. 30 PM but on getting this information of illegal detention of Shri GC Das, Shri Binod Kumar said "KAL DEKHEYNGE" and dropped the telephone.

We are bringing this case of police high handedness against a Human Rights activist and a School Teacher, GC Das, for no fault of his, to your notice. We are very much perturbed and concerned about such violation of Human Rights and the blatant abuse of the order of the Supreme Court on Custodial Rights.

We request you to kindly enquire into the matter and give suitable exemplary punishment to the offending police personal and assure that such high handedness will not be repeated.

Yours faithfully
For PUCL, Jamshedpur, MK Dutta, Vice President.

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(PUCL Bulletin, Sept 2000)