PUCL Bulletin, May 2001

Desecration of Muslim graves in Jalalabad
By Suhel Khan
(Advocate, Secretary, Najibabad Bar Association)

The undersigned practices law in the Muncif Court in Najibabad, Bijnore, U.P. and is the president of Jalalabad, a graveyard of the Syed Community and the family of the undersigned is located in Khasra No. 240 Maouja Jalalabad. The graves of the ancestors are properly enclosed with pillars and barbed wires.

People frequenting periodical market of the town area Jalalabad and the shopkeepers uprooted the erected pillars etc., and the bullock carts and Tongas coming to the Thursday market began to be parked in the grave yard area. The graveyard area became dirty and the graves were also damaged. Members of the Syed and Patan Communities assembled on the morning of March 18 at the graveyard and dug a foundation and started constructing a boundary wall. The Chairman of Jalalabad city Panchayat, M. Yaqub called SSI Amen Singh and S I Ramvir Singh on this spot. These people demolished the wall and indulged in hurting abuses. They also desecrated the graves.

The undersigned was present on this spot and asked them to produce the order for demolishing the boundary. Both the officers abused him and said that they will cut his lawyers profession to size and get him thrashed by the goons of the Chairman. They also threatened that they will put him behind the bars.

The section of the officers has damaged the reputation of the undersigned. The people of Jalalabad are also very angry. The chairperson of Jalalabad is a party to the whole episode.

The above named police officers should be properly dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

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