PUCL Bulletin, July 2001

Human rights violations in UP in the month of April 2001
Domestic violence, rape, police atrocities, fake encounter, custodial torture, dalit repression, and other types of human rights violations

Prepared by K.K. Roy,
Advocate, High Court Allahabad.
Organising Secretary PUCL (U.P. Branch)


National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) released its report of 2000-2001. Out of total 71685 cases reported from all over the country, 41984 cases are reported from Uttar Pradesh alone. Average 115 cases from UP are reported to the NHRC daily. UP consist 60% of the whole cases reported from all over the country. Bihar ranks 2nd having 4895 cases and Delhi 3rd having 4081 cases. The commission received 71685 complaints of human rights violation between April 2000 and March 2001, of which 41984 were from Uttar Pradesh. The total No. of complaints received shows a significant increase of 41.58% over the previous year. Out of 1037 custodial deaths reported during 2000-2001, 910 were in judicial custody and 127 were in police custody. UP reported 121 judicial custody deaths (NIP 20.04.2001)

Dangerous increase in atrocities against woman in the country:
In the last 2-3 years there is a trend of immense increase in the cases of atrocities against women. The cases of sexual exploitation ranks on the top. According to the data available 8053 cases of Sexual Exploitation were reported in the country in 1998. In 1999 it reached upto 8858 cases and in year 2000 it has touched the number of 12200 cases. According to information from the home ministry in the last year a record number of 15 lacs 50 thousands 186 cases of woman atrocities were reported in India. In year 2000, 1,422 cases of rape were reported in the country and 6222 cases of dowry deaths were reported. (Nyayadhish Hindi Daily 26.04.2001)

According to a news report published in the Times of India Lucknow edition on 30.04.2001, Uttar Pradesh tops the list of the cases of dowry death with 2059 such deaths reported from the state during year 2000, accounting for 30% of the total no. of cases reported across the country. Bihar ranks 2nd with 1021 cases out of a total of 6222 cases reported in the country according to the official figures.

Domestic Violence:
A woman married to Babu Ishlam of Ajad Nagar is driven out of her husband's house as she could not bring cash and motorcycle as dowry. The husband severely beat his wife before dragging her out of his house. A report has been lodged at Police Station Karari in this matter (A.U. 10.4.2001) Smt. Niranjana Patel has moved an application before CJM Allahabad under section 156 (3) I.P.C. against her husband and in-laws for lodging a F.I.R. for dowry demand. CJM directed the Women Police Station to lodge the F.I.R. (A.U. 26.4.2001)
Lalita (29 Years) was married to Rajesh Kumar Dubey Son of Jagdish Kumar Dubey of village Raghupur Police Station Handia District. Allahabad. On 25/26 April 2001 she was killed by her husband and in-laws for want of dowry. She was cremated. Father of the Lalita has lodged the F.I.R. and the husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law been arrested. (D.J. 27 April 2001)

Ramkali, Daughter of Hiralal, resident of village Dighiya, P.S. Manda D.t. Allahabad was married to Jangbahadur of village Sonversha, PS. Vindhyachal D.t. Mirzapur four years before. She was subjected to regular beating to bring dowry. When she could not bring it due to poor financial condition of her father, she was burned alive along with her infant daughter. The father of the deceased lodged F.I.R. under Dowry Act but no arrest has been made so far. (R.S. 27 April 2001)

Ram Rati w/o Anirudh Kumar of Vill.- Tikri P.S.-Manda, was found hanging in her house by her In-laws. Her father Sheetla Prasad Sharma lodged an F.I.R. that she has been killed as he could not fulfill the dowry demand of her husband and in-laws. She was killed in the night of 26-27 April (AU 29.04.2001). Vimla Devi w/o Avadhesh Kumar was brought to the SRN hospital in severely burned condition where she died on 28.04.2001. She belongs to Prateeka Ki Sarai of Dist - Pratapgarh. (AU 29.04.2001)Tilak Return for insuifficient dowry.

Radhey Shyam had settled the marriage of her daughter with Pradeep Kumar S/o Chandra Bhushan of Tori ka pura village, Holagarh, District - Allahabad. When the Tilak Ceremony was being performed on 21.04.2001, a sum of Rs. 40000/- and a two wheeler was given as dowry. Husband was asking for Rs.100000/- when Radhey Shyam expressed his inability to give such a big amount, the Tilak ceremony was cancelled and the father of the bridegroom was sent back breaking the marriage settlement (AU 28.04.2001).

Rekha Devi alias Banni was married to Sunil of vill-Maladharpur, P.S. Chilh, District - Mirzapur on 15.02.2001. Her father lodged an F.I.R. at PS-Chilh that his daughter has been burnt to death for want of dowry. (DJ 30.04.2001)
Soni, daughter of Chhavi Nath was married to Shivcharan of Ghoradih P.S. Ahraura. Her father lodged an F.I.R. at P.S. Ahraura that her daughter was poisoned to death by her husband and father In-laws due to want of dowry.(DJ 30.04.2001)

Meena Devi, sister of Dharmendra Tiwari was married to Dinesh Kumar Pandey s/o Pancham Lal Pandey in 1996. She was subjected to physical beating and mental torture for bringing more dowry. Her husband was asking for Rs. 10000/- and a Hero Honda Motor Cycle and when it could not be given, they severely beat her and set her ablaze on fire in the night of 18.04.2001. She died. A FIR moved by her brother was not lodged at PS Holagarh. Her brother contacted CO Soraon, thereafter a case has been lodged under dowry act. No arrest has been made. (United Bharat 30.04.2001)

Ganeshi Devi, aged 25 years w/o Satau of vill-Pokhraiyya, Karari, Dist. Kaushambi was found hanging in her house. Her brother Ramesh told that there was a sign of beating on her body and neck and she was killed as she was unable to fulfill their dowry demand. She died on 28.04.2001. (AU 01.05.2001)

Sudhara of gram. Mohli P.S. Khandasa, Dist. Faizabad was sleeping with her 4 children. Her husband Jogi came in the late night heavily drunk. He strangulated his wife. When her daughter rushed to save her mother he attacked her with Gandasa and injured her. (AU 01.05.2001)
Rekha a 25 years old woman of vill. Dalapur P.S. Baharia, Dist. Allahabad jumped before a running train with her 7 months old son near Barethi Rly. crossing due to family turmoil. Both of them died. (RS. 12.04.2001)
Urmila Devi D/o Ram Bahori of Vill. Goraju PS Paschim Sharira Dist.- Kaushambi was married in vill. Bambupur. She was subjected to continuous mental physical torture for dowry demand. When her parents could not provide dowry, she was dragged out of her in-laws house. A report has been ldoged at PS Paschim Sharira (AU 22.04.2001)

Khiswa Devi age 22 years d/o Molai Bind of vill. Mehrawa PS Sarai Khwaza jumped before a running train on Jaunpur Shahganj Rly. Line near Mehrawa Rly. station with her infant child due to family turmoil. Both of them died. (AU 24..04.2001)

Kavita Devi, w/o Mukesh Dubey of Villege Naudiha P.S. Latapur, Allahabad was killed and thereafter hanged in ceiling fan for dowry demand. She was married six years before (A.V. 28.5.2001).

Sonia Devi, Age 25 years. w/o Kallu was burnt and succumbed to injury in SNR Hospital, Allahabad on 22.4.2001. She belonged to Vill.-Alwa. PS Koraon. Dist. Allahabad.

Choube Lal has lodged a FIR under Dowry Act against the husband of her daughter and 6 other family members. He stated that her daughter was constantly beaten by her in-laws for dowry demand. Lastly she was driven out of her husband's home in village Garwe P.S. Charwa Dt Allahabad. No arrest has been made so far (AU 22.4.2001)

Savita Singh (Age 24) was married to Santosh Singh of Vill-Sidhupur PS Suresi. She was murdered as her husband was demanding golden chain, freeze etc. as dowry. Her father lodged FIR v/s 489A, 304B and 201 IPC at PS Suresi. She has a four years old son. (AP 20.4.2001)
A widow Mitali (Age 25) committed suicide with her two kids by setting fire. She belonged to village Gulallpur of PS Lalganj Dt. Mirzapur. It is said that after the death of her husband, five months before, she was neglected and harassed by her in laws. (AU 21.4.2001)

Kalawati (Age 21) was poisoned to death by her husband. He was demanding 20 thousand rupees and a scooter. The brother of the Kalawati lodged F.I.R. of P.S. Manjhanpur. She belonged to village Faizupur Dt. Kausambi. (AU 19.4.2001)

Shitala Devi (21 years) was married to Doodhnath S/o Kanahaiya Lal Yadav of Village-Deehakailari P.S. Chandwak Distt.-Jaunpur. She was strangulated by her husband for dowry demand. The father of the deceased lodged an F.I.R. Eight persons have been arrested (AU 20.4.2001)

Sushila Devi (22 years) w/o Phoolchand R/o Vill-Arahari P.S. Baberu was brought to Dist. Hospital in a badly burnt condition. She died (AU 24.4.2001).
Radha w/o Rajesh kumar vill-Bandera P.S. Datra Bajar Distt. Gonda died in mysterious conditions in district hospital. She was poisoned (S.B. 24.4.2001).
A resident of Hookulganj P.S.-Cantt. distt. Varansi had arranged her daughter's marriage in Vill. Tiliapur P.S-Sornath. He gave Rs. 25,000. When he went to finalise the date of marriage, they asked for motorcycle and 25,000 more. When the father of the girl expressed his inability, they refused to go ahead with the marriage. A complaint has been lodged (U.B. 20.4.2001).

Safeena Bano (22 years) married to Meraz committed suicide in Vill-Puretiwari, Kotwali Dehat dt. Gonda. (UB 20.4.2001)

Poonam Singh D/o Balraj Singh of vill-Bagerawa P.S.-Chandwak dist.-Faizabad was to be married to Dinesh Singh S/o Ranjeet Singh Distt.-Faizabad. The marriage party reached in the mid-night when the marriage was being performed the father of the bride groom asked for the money promised by the father of the bride and since the money could not be paid he cancelled the marriage and entire marriage party returned in the night (AU 17.4.2001).

Chandrabala w/o Raghvendra Upadhyay R/o vill.-Shahpur P.S. Kadrapur was given poison in the name of medicine which caused her death. She was 19 years old. It is said that her husband took her to Azamgarh for treatment where he gave her poison in liquid form in the name of medicine. When her condition deteriorated, she was hospitalised. After her death, her husband fled. (D.J. 7.4.2001)

Sita Devi (21 year) w/o of Om Prakash Yadav of vill. Kuttupur P.S. Newdiya Dt. Jaunpur set her ablaze with her two small issues, four years old daughter Komal and two years son Atul. (D.J.7.4.2001)

Bhanumati was married to vil. Tedha P.S. Dudhi Dt. Sonbhadra. She was killed by her husband and in-laws for want of dowry. She was cremated in the absence of her father and brother. She was 19 years old. Her father lodge F.I.R. under dowry act against the husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law (D.J. 7.4.2001)
Three young woman, 25 years old Madhuri Davi, 24 years Baby Sonkar and 18 years old Tulsa Davi died in Shiv Prasad Gupt Govt. Hospital on in the night of 6/7 April 2001. They were all brought badly burnt.

The marriage of Km. Kiran D/o Ram Baran was finalised with Rajesh s/o Krishna Yadava r/o Sidhoriapur PS Nawabganj, where her father could not arrange sufficient dowry as demanded, Rajesh refused to marry Kiran. The father of the girl met SSP Allahabad who directed to lodge report under Dowry Act on 28.04.2001 against 7 persons (AU 5.03.2001)

Gita Devi w/o Amar Nath was kicked out of her husband's house as she could not bring cycle and watch in dowry. She was badly beaten before being driven out. The father of the girl has lodged report. (AU 03.04.2001)

Pratima (22) D/o Hari Sagar Maurya was married to Raj Narayan r/o vill Kakarchi PS Kaptanganj Dist. Azamgarh. She was being harassed after marriage for not bringing dowry. They were demanding Rs.50,000/- Lastly she was strangulated to death by her in-laws. She was married one year before. (AU 04.04.2001)

Babita Devi (28 Years) w/o Santosh Singh Vill - Ahiraula PS Mariahu Dt. Jaunpur, was badly burnt in mysterious circumstances. She was hospitalised. Where she became serious, she was referred to Varanasi (UP 05.04.2001)
Dulari Devi W/o Amarjeet Vill. Terah PS Kaptangaj Dt. Azamgarh was found badly burnt in her house. (UP 05.04.2001)

Manju W/o Jagdish Vill. Dhultan PS Haldharpur Dt. Mau was seriously burnt. She was hospitalised when she died. (DJ 05.04.2001)

Reshma was thrown out of her husband home. She was married in 1994, to Abdul Rashid of Vill. Mulanapur Chaka PS Utaraon Dt. Allahabad. Her in-laws were demanding Colour TV, Scooter and 50,000 to go to Gulf Country. (DJ 04.04.2001)

Phool Kali was married to Rakesh Kumar of vill. Nara, PS Manjhanpur Dist. Kaushambi. Due to abject poverty, her father was not able to give 10,000 Rs. which her husband was demanding. She was driven out of her house. A report under Dowry Act has been lodged.

Poverty forced a woman to jump before a running train with two daughters. Kamlesh (30) of vill. Ibrahimpura PS Sarsawa, Dist. Saharanpur jumped before running train with her two daughters, 9 years old Guddan and 6 month daughter Rita. She was fed up with the poverty. (AU 06.04.2001)

Pramila was married on 29.01.2000 to Pankaj Rai. Her father lodged a report against the husband and father in law of Pramila for killing her. She was burnt. Report is lodged at PS Obra Dist. Robertsganj.

Morkali of PS Bhogaon Dist. Mainpuri was shot dead for dowry by her in-laws. Her uncle has lodged report under Dowry Act. (SB 08.04.2001)

Rani Devi D/o Ram Chandra Kesharwani of vill. Kodhar PS Meja was married to Shyam Bihari of vill Bari Chaura PS Tevthar Dist. Reewa in Feb. 2000. She was burnt by her husband in the night of 5/6 April 2001 for dowry. A report has been lodged, no arrest has been made. (DJ 08.04.2001)

Sripal of vill Bhanera PS Kandhla District Mujaffar Nagar burnt to death his pregnant wife Savita and two kids as his wife was opposing his relation with another woman. (DJ 124.04.2001 Doon edition)

Madhuri Devi w/o Mathura Prasad R/o Soni Harlal PS Kotwali Gonda was killed by her husband and in-laws. They cremated her to destroy the evidence. City police refused to lodge the report. The family members of the deceased have met Circle Officer (RS 08.04.2001)

Rajesh Kumar has lodged a report at PS Bagwala Dist. Etah that he had settled the marriage of his sister Usha with Narendra s/o Subedar of vill. Devari PS Amopur Dist. Etah. They refused to marry as the husband was demanding Rs.2,50,000/- as dowry. (RS 08.04.2001)

A 22 years young woman of vill. Birauri PS Bilgram Dist. Hardoi was raped on 11.03.2001 by two men of her village when she had gone for toilet in the field. Husband of the raped woman went to the Police station but no report was lodged. On 17 March, when they went to the Superintendent of Police and on their complaint a report has been lodged at city Kotwali but no arrest has been made. On the contrary the family members of the woman are being threaten, by the culprits. (SB 28.03.2001)

Minor girl raped and murdered in Shivram colony, Rohta Road Meerut a 7 years old girl was kidnapped in the night. She was subjected to mass rape resulting into her tragic death. Her dead body was found in a pool of blood in a house under construction. Her mouth was closed by cloths and her neck was also tied by rope. AU 06.04.2001)

Woman, minor girl raped. A young married woman was criminally assaulted in her home by neighbours. According to the FIR, Pannau and his brother in law entered in house on Sunday night and outraged her modesty. The Nagram police has registered a case.

In another incidence, a minor girl was raped by a quack at Heeraman Khera under Mohanlal Ganj Police Station in Dt. Lucknow. (TOI 07.04.2001)

Minor Dalit girl raped. An 8 years old Dalit girl was raped by her neighbour at Bhikhampur vill. under Jansa Police station Dist. Varanasi on Friday night. The victims family members had gone to their field for harvesting leaving her alone in the house. Taking advantage of the situation, a 26 years old tractor driver entered the house and raped the minor girl. She was lying on the ground in an unconscious stage. The girl was immediately rushed to Sevapuri Primary Health Centre and a named FIR has been lodged. (TOI 09.04.2001)

An 18 years old woman of vill. Sahroh PS Karari, Dt. Kaushambi was raped by Guddu of his village when she had gone to the field. (AU 10.04.2001)

A married woman of Lavgavan vill., PS Paschim Sharira Dt. Kaushambi was raped in her house by some persons of his village. Later, to terrorise her family members, the rapists demolished her house also.

14 years old Zareena subjected to mass rape. Zareena, a 14 years old daughter of Khaleel Nut of vil. Gandhui PS Nizamabad, dt. Azamgarh was abducted in the night of 3/4th April 2001 by Gaffar s/o Shivli, Bijli s/o Mukhtar, Mahmood S/o Mukhtar and two other persons. They took her near a canal where she was repeatedly raped and fell unconscious. When the consciousness came she returned to her home, profusely bleeding. A report has been lodged. (UB 50.04.2001)

A woman of vill. Kapari PS Shankargarh, Dt. Allahabad was raped by Shankar Lal s/o Sewa Lal of her vill. near a pond where she had gone to collect cow dung. In spite of her insistence, the PS Shankargarh has lodged only report the case of attempt to rape. (AU 23.04.2001)

One young married woman of vill. Rajpura PS Rajaur, Dt. Etah was caught hold by two persons Lochan Singh and Kailash and they raped her. A FIR has been lodged but no arrest has been made. (NIP 15.04.2001)

Two persons caught hold of a woman and raped her one by one in village Kunwarpur Police circle Jaithera Dt. Etah. Murli Singh and Shivjeet Singh had been named in the report. No arrest of accused has been made. (NIP 15.04.2001)

Minor Girl raped. Poonam a 14 years old daughter of Bhondu, Vill Devganpur PS Ramkot Dt. Sitapur was raped by Sanjay s/o Mahesh Devi. Named FIR has been lodged but no arrest has been made. (SB 11.04.2001)

A woman of village Malakia PS Karari Dt. Kaushambi was raped by Hakeem Ali of his village in the night. He also threatened to kill her if she makes complaint. Report has been lodged. (AU 26.04.2001)

8 years old girl strangulated to death Chameli A 8 years old daughter of Jagannath R/o Dhanni Bari Gaon PS Kokhraj Dt. Allahabad was taken by a youth Guddu Patel in a Mango garden to give her mango when she was playing before her house. She was raped in the garden and thereafter strangulated to death. FIR has been lodged. Accused sent to jail. (DJ 20.04.2001)

A 10 years old girl of vill. Moinuddinpur PS Puramufti Dt. Kaushambi was raped by a youth named Amir in her garden. The father of the daughter has lodged named FIR. (AU 24.04.2001)

In the forest of Mandari at PS Puramufti Dt. Kaushamti, a married woman had gone for harvesting where Tara Singh of vill. Chilla caught hold of her and raped her. A named FIR has been lodged. No arrest has been made. (AU 24.04.2001)

The police turned a matter of rape and murder into matter of assault. A dalit old woman of Lakhimpur District vill. Kutkherwa PS Haiderabad was killed and his daughter in law was raped on 18.02.2001. The local police in order to protect the criminals lodged a report of simple marpeet. When the matter went to the SC/ST commission UP, it issued notice to the circle office Gola Gokarn Nath and recommended the transfer of the SHO Haiderabad out of District.


A person was caught in vill Payagpur PS Durgaganj on the plea that he was a thief, he was beaten by the villagers and thereafter handed over to the police in the police station in the night. He was subjected to severe beating by the police in the night. Which resulted into his death. He has not been identified yet. (AU 03.04.2001)

Ram Hit Bind (30 years) s/o Brij Lal of village Hazipur PS Sarai Inayat Dt. Allahabad was arrested by the police on 18.04.2001. He was kept in the police station for 3 days. He was brought for interrogated in matter of Dacoity at a doctor's home house in Jhunsi, Allahabad. During the investigation he was subjected to torture and third degree method which caused his death. The police went to his house and told his family members that while fleeing from the police station he met with an accident on road and he died. No report was lodged against Ram Hit Bind. (AU 22.04.2001)


In an alleged encounter near Paraskhand vill. Kotwali Mohammadabad Dt. Mau, two persons were gunned down by police naming Shivdhani Yadav and Rajkumar Chauhan. According to the report, the police chased the criminals and fire dozens round in which two died and one fled away. No police man was injured in the alleged encounter. A 5000/- reward has been declared by DIG to the encounter team and Rs.5000/- by and Rs.2500 by SP. The SP Mau was assured of out of turn promotion. (DJ 31.03.2001)

Manoj Dhobi was gunned down by police on national Highway in Dt. Mau by a police team in the night of 1/2 April 2001. No police man was injured in the encounter. The SP later declared that 12 criminal cases were pending against Manoj Dhobi. The encounter team was recommended for out of turn promotion. (DJ 03.04.2001)

Pramod Harijan was gunned down at about 4 am. on 30.03.2001 near Bhiti village by pass at PS Ram Nagar Dt. Varanasi when he was going some where on Motor cycle with his friend. According to the police report the criminals fired at the police and in reply the police fired at them in which one criminal died who was identified. No police man was injured in the encounter. (DJ 01.04.2001)

Dashrath Mallah was gunned down by the Reoti police of Dt. Balia in an encounter. According to the police version, the SHO Reoti with some policemen was going to arrest another criminal when he was informed that some criminals are staying in Seewal Mathia village. Police party reached there and challenged them. The criminals fired at the police party and in reply, the police fired at them in which Dashrath Mallah (45) s/o Ram Adhar r/o Siwal Mathia PS. Gopal Nagar, Thana Reoti died. No policeman was injured in the encounter. (DJ 08.40.2001)

Special Task Force (STF) of UP gunned down 3 Pakistani terrorists in an encounter in Gomti Nagar Lucknow area. On the information of the intelligence bureau the STF had started special operation at around 3.30 a.m. of 17/18 April. 3 persons were seen going towards Faizabad Road in Gomti Nagar. They were chased. They fired AK47 and AK56 on police party. The police fired at them in which 3 terrorists were killed. One AK47 rifle, one AK56 rifle, 9MM carbine, 9 MM pistol, 10 Hand Grannade, 1 Granade launcher and other modern weapon were recovered from them. (DJ 19.04.2001)

Mahesh Gujar was gunned down in an encounter with Meerut police. A stenegun was recovered from him. In the night of 19th April Mahesh Gujar and 3 other persons were going in a Maruti car which was chased by police the Mahesh Gujar and party fired at the police. In reply police fired at the criminals in which Mahesh Gujar died and two criminals fled. (SB 21.04.2001)
In a joint move of UP and MP police a dacoit Raju Parihar was killed in an encounter near Rampura Dt. Etawah. Raju Parihar belongs to gang of Nirbhay Singh Gujar.

In an encounter in the forest of vill. Romai PS Kuthaur Dt. Jalaun, a dacoit Ratna Teli was gunned down by police. No policeman was injured in the encounter.

Two agriculture labourers were shot dead and five other injured at Barakhandi village near Shamli, Muzaffarnagar District by High Caste criminals on 13 April 2001. According to the police dalits were allotted 8 beegha of lands which was captured by the high caste of that village. The dalits were demanding the possession over the land which were allotted to them. (TOI 14.04.2001)
A marriage party of dalit was attacked by the influential persons of vill. Ramaipur PS Sangramgarh, Dt. Pratapgarh in which half a dozen persons including the bridegroom were injured. The attackers also looted jewelleries, watches and cash. (AU 28.04.2001)

A counter report has been lodged by the named accused and his brother against a dalit woman who was raped by them. In order to retaliate the dalit woman's courage to lodge and report of rape the culprits are getting support from the local police. (AU 28.04.2001)

A dalit woman and her 5 children were burnt alive by employees of a brick kiln operating on Hathras Sikandara Road in Hathras gate police station Dt. Aligarh.

The crime was committed to punish the woman, Kumari and her husband Naresh Manjhi, Bihari Labourers who refused to continue working at the kiln, where they were engaged at bounded labourers for the last 5 months, unless they were paid wages. The incident was meant to teach a lesson to other workers engaged at the brick kiln. HT 09.04.2001).

Bhagwan Das, an adivasi labourer had to pass 8 hours in Lockup for asking wages for the work he has done. He was working in the construction of the primary school where Rs.9000 has to be paid to him as wage. When he went to realize the money he was locked up in Lockup. (AU 02.05.2001)

A dalit woman of village Itwa Deora of NariBari police post dt. Allahabad was raped by a youth when she had gone to river to wash her clothes in the evening of 08.04.2001. A named FIR has been lodged. (AU 10.04.2001)pp


30% child labourers working in 700 brick kiln in Allahabad division. In almost 700 brick kiln of Allahabad division 30% of the entire labourers are the child labors who has to work in very hot conditions. The entire work at brick kiln are done on the contract basis engaged "Sardar" brings the labourers from different parts after giving them some advance. There is a peculiar type of payment of wages to the labourers working in brick kiln. They were paid in couple (Jora). On every 15 days they are paid some money for their daily needs the labourers complaint that money is hardly sufficient for their 3-4 days meal. They have to live in huts near the brick kiln. (UB 06.04.2001) CBI is going to investigate into the Samvasini Sex Scandal of Varanasi. CBI is investigating in the matter of sex exploitation of the inmates of woman protection home of Varanasi. It is to be noted that the important officers including some minister are involved in sexual exploitation of the inmates of woman protection home in Varanasi. (UB 08.04.2001)

Abbreviations: Dowry Act: The Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, DJ - Dainik Jagaran Hindi News Paper, NIP - Northern India Patrika (English News Paper), AU - Amar Ujala Hindi News Paper, SB - Swatantra Bharat Hindi News Paper,SP - Superintendent of Police, DM - District Magistrate, Dt - District, Vill. - Village, UB - United Bharat,

Circulated By K.K. Roy, Advocate on behalf of PUCL U.P. Branch

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