PUCL Bulletin, July 2001

Brahmins Dominate IIT-Chennai Faculties

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), 6 centers all over India, was established as a premier center of education and training in Post- graduate engineering and applied sciences. Ph.D and Under Graduate programs in different branches of engineering, science, humanities, and social sciences are also available.

Recently India-Today, a leading journal conducted a survey on some factors. In this IIT-Chennai ranks as follows on a scale of 10:
Academic Input -6; Reputation -5; Students' care -2.
Curriculum 3, Infrastructure 5, Admission 1, Job/Placement 5, Rank in 2000 2, Rank in 1999, 4.

Brahmin communities dominate IIT-Chennai faculties. Totally there are 427 faculties available. Out of this, 400 faculty persons belong to Brahmin communities. If we took survey in other 5 IIT's, we can find there also Brahmins domination. -- Tamil Information Service

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