PUCL Bulletin, Oct. 2000

Press Release by Rajasthan PUCL

State Human Rights Commission Chief Resigns

The Rajasthan PUCL considers the resignation of the Chairperson of the State Human Rights Commission and the attitude of the State Government a resounding slap on the face of Human Rights and Democratic Institutions. The attitude of the State Government towards the Commission left no other option to Ms. Kanda Bhatnagar, the Chairperson the Commission but to resign. She was told to function from the Secretariat but were shunted from rule to rule the service conditions of the members of the Commission and their status also were not formalize. The government can't take shelter behind the situation of crises created by famine and financial difficulties. The Chairperson the Commission was not given the status of the Chief Justice. So much so had the Commission members were not paid any remuneration and not provided by facilities for working for 4 months.

Ms. Kanda Bhatnagar resigned out of frustration.

The State Congress was committed to the establishment of a Human Rights Commission and a Commission for women in its manifesto because of the pressure of informed opinion in the State, but after coming to power the government was never serious for making them useful instruments. The State Commission for women is also similarly placed. It is working only as a post office for forwarding the complaints to various departments where a time even these are not maintained properly. In view of the famine conditions, communal unrests, increasing violations of Human Rights, and oppression of women, such attitude of the State government towards these institutions is highly condemnable.

Post Script:

The State Government has since done all that Justice Kanda Bhatnagar had been asking for. A DIG has been appointed as part of the Investigative agency of the SHRC, office space has also been provided.

-General Secretary, PUCL

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