Attacks on Christians

(Press release from Holy Rosary Church, Bhatinda Punjab, India)
The Christian Community of Bhatinda supports and joins the Sadbhavna (Goodwill) March on July 15, 2000. The situation of the minorities, especially the Christians, in India is very pathetic and dangerous. A handful of hardcore fundamentalists are waging direct war on the minorities through their well-planned systematic criminal activities. The minorities are made to flee; out of place in their own motherland.

Today the integrity, secularity and unity of India is facing greatest threat. Such threatening criminal activities on minorities should be stopped. We are deeply hurt by the silent and indifferent attitude shown by the government towards such well planned and violent bloody attacks on Christians. We demand the government to take the stand and act lawfully against such fundamentalist organizations and groups.

The Christian community of Bhatinda is fully supporting and joining the Sadbhavna March organised by Insaaf International to be held on 15th July 2000.

-- Fr. Joseph D'Costa; Priest-In-Charge; Holy Rosary Church; Bathinda, 6 July 2000

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(PUCL Bulletin, August 2000)