PUCL Bulletin, August 2001

Dr. Vineeta Gupta facing intensified harassment from governmnt

Dr. Vineeta Gupta is General Secretary of Insaaf International, a Punjab-based human rights group committed to social justice, where she works on efforts to disclose the harmful effects of World Bank user fees on health care. Dr. Gupta is a board member of the Center for Economic Justice and a member of the World Bank Bonds Boycott International Citizens' committee.

As a result of her human rights work, she has received a great deal of harassment from the Government of India and the state of Punjab. In recent weeks, this harassment has intensified. Insaaf International and Center for Economic Justice demand a complete stop to further harassment, forgery, and vicious threats to Dr. Vineeta Gupta's life, family, and property. Furthermore, these organizations appeal to all national and international bodies and individuals to voice their concern against the illegal detention and victimization of Dr. Gupta and protest the raid on the hospital where she works. We demand that the Indian government ensure the safety of Dr. Gupta and appeal for action against the guilty. -- Insaaf International

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