PUCL Bulletin, Oct. 2000

Letter to the Editor:
Communal situation in India
Dear Sir,

I am a NRI residing in North America. I was always concerned with the communal situation in India. While writing this report I am crying for the victims of these riots. I am very much disturbed by all the communal incidents that take place in India. In order to know the actual truth behind these incidents I usually visit your web site. I have immense faith in your fact-finding teams, which always do a commendable job in bringing the facts out into the open for public to know the reality.

I have read lots of stuff relating to Bhagalpur riot, Surat riots, Meerut Riots, Bombay Riots and hordes of other riots including the Jamia Milia incident and after reading all this today I feel that there is no safe place for Muslims in India. I prey that He protect Muslims in India who are having the worst ever time in the history of the sub-continent.

Sincerely yours,
Sept 4, 2000

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