PUCL Bulletin, Oct. 2000

PUCL Bulletin

Dear Sir,
* * * *
PUCL Bulletin has been a source of information for all those who believe in human rights but it seems now that 'names' have become too important for us, even at the cost of material.
* * * *
The PUCL Bulletin must concentrate on the issue of violation of human rights of Dalits, tribals, and the impact of new economic policies on the marginalised people. Just by focusing on so-called 'custodial deaths', will never make it a powerful mass organisation but an organisation of few elite. I have faced these problems when interacting with villagers and informing about PUCL to them. There is no literature about the organisation at least in Hindi language, nor the state level organisation has it.
V.B.Rawat, Ghaziabad ( UP) Sept. 19

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