Letter to the Editor: Article on Dr. Ambedkar

Dear Sir, I have gone through all articles, news, and views of issue of May of PUCL Bulletin. My friends and I liked the first page article penned by Dr. Pal on Dr. Ambedkar, most. This piece is straight as it gives Dr. Ambedkar's views on social and economic democracy in a capsule manner. Political leaders of our time stand nowhere in comparison to Dr. Ambedkar. It is rightly said by M.N. Roy about Buddhism "that the defeat of Buddhism was the greatest single misfortune experienced by India". Dr. Ambedkar tried his best to revitalize that religion in order to liberate at least one fourth of India's population from societal violence. Democracy means people's ability to do things by themselves. Dr. Ambedkar was for such democracy for which social and economic democracy is a must. On this aspect I may quote M.N. Roy who rightly said "Democracy is an empty concept if sovereignty does not mean the ability of the people to do things themselves".
We hope that in future also we would be reading more on social and economic democracy and societal violence in PUCL Bulletin. -- Mahi Pal, Delhi, June 30


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(PUCL Bulletin, August 2000)