PUCL Bulletin, May 2001

Impounding of V. T. Rajsheker's passport a 'dangerous trend'
(Copy of General Secretary's letter)

Dear Shri Rajshekar,
I have read, in the Dalit Voice of April 1-15, your speech delivered at the 7th session of the Global Conference Against Racism and Caste Based Discrimination, on March 3 at the Nehru Memorial Library Teen Murty House, Delhi. Speaking in this conference you are reported to have said that your passport was impounded in 1986 and that, "not even the PUCL took any interest in my passport, arrest, persecution because all our human rights organisations are also Brahmin dominated. The President of the PUCL is sitting here and he knows it".

You have full freedom to pass judgments on the structure of the PUCL and its work. But I would like to correct your facts. It is wrong to say that the PUCL did not take "any interest" in the impounding of your passport. The General Secretary had written in the PUCL Bulletin, Vol. VII, No.7 July 1987 about it and termed the impounding of the passport as a dangerous trend.

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