PUCL Bulletin, September 2001

Concern for safety of John Abraham
-- Amnesty International

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Adivasis' struggle for land rights in Puntamba

Police kill tribal activists during a land rights agitation in Puntamba, Maharashtra

John Abraham, Rina Abraham (his wife), 13 other adivasi (tribal) activists are in danger.

There are grave concerns for the safety of land rights activist John Abraham. Two other activists were shot dead by police at a protest march on 25 June, in an apparent extra judicial execution: those arrested after the march apparently overheard police officers discussing the killings, saying that the "other one" - John Abraham - was still "remaining" and that he would be taken care of next.
John Abraham is being sheltered by fellow human rights activists, but he is due to return to Kopargaon district on 18 July for a court hearing, and will then be returning to Puntamba village to inquire into the detention of 43 adivasis since the march. Fourteen people were arrested after the Morcha (protest march) in Puntamba village on 25 June.

John Abraham was arrested the day after the march, when he came to the police station to enquire about Rina Abraham, who was one of those arrested. He and the other 14 protestors were released on bail on 9 July, and John Abraham went to stay with relatives. Police apparently came to the house to take him in for further questioning: when the relatives asked to see an arrest warrant, the officers left, saying they would ask another police station to take action.

Since, then police officers have reportedly come to the house again to ask where John Abraham was.

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