PUCL Bulletin Dec. 2000

Kerala State PUCL:
G. Kumar Pillai mourned

20th October 2000

The Executive Committee of Kerala State branch of People's Union for Civil Liberties, Ernakulam, Kochi expresses heart felt condolences and grief on the demise of Prof. G. Kumara Pillai, a famous cultural, social leader who had always been in the forefront to fight against all kinds of Human and Civil Rights violations. Prof. Kumara Pillai endeared himself to all with his amiable nature and selfless service to the society. He has lead many important agitations including agitations against the liquor policy of the State. He was a famous literary figure and has richly contributed to Malayalam literature. His service to the society as Human Right activist, Educationist, and a man of letters is unique and shall always remain unmatched. The demise of Prof. Kumara Pillai is a great loss to not only to the human rights and civil rights movement in India but also to the nation as a whole. Prof. Kumar Pillai was one of the founding members of PUCL and was also the President of Kerala Unit of PUCL in its formative days. As an eminent Professor of English, he endeared himself to his students.

Justice T. Chandrasekhara Menon


PUCL Bulletin, Nov., 2000

Prof. G Kumar Pillai Passes Away

Shri G Kumar Pillai (77) breathed his last on 16th September 2000. Born on August 22 1923, he was one of the founding members of the PUCL. He was twice the president of Kerala State PUCL and a member of the National Council from 1980 to 1996. He was associated with the India Chapter of Amnesty International. He was a Gandhian all through his adult life and a pillar of the Gandhian Movement for more than half a century. He was a well-known Malayalam poet and essayist. He authored some 20 books. He was Professor of English for about 40 years and was married to Leela, former professor at St. Joseph's College Alapuzha. The couple have no children.

Simple unassuming and very active, Professor Kumar Pillai inspired everyone who came in contact with him. The author had known him personally and had the privilege of being his guest at Thrissur twice. Austere in his habits and possessing an immense wealth of affection of friends and students, he was a walking encyclopedia about Malayalam and Malayalee heritage.

He had written a letter to us on 14 November 1999 asking for a copy of the Tarkunde festschrift published at his 91st birthday. He had written, "For sometime I have been keeping away from public life because of some illness or other in the family". He was, in his words, "trying to write a Malayalam article on Tarkunde".

His death is a big loss to the Gandhian movement and the movement for Human Rights and Civil Liberties. For the undersigned it is a personal loss.

-- By Y P Chhibbar, Gen Secretary

Press Release: Prof. G Kumara Pillai's Death PUCL Vice President Adv. H.B. Shenoy expressed heart felt deep condolence on the demise of Shri Kumara Pillai, a great Gandhian, and literary figure of Kerala. Shri Kumara Pillai was a stalwart on building civil liberties movement in the State and was the President of State branch for quite long time. The death of Shri Kumara Pillai is a great loss to the people's Union for Civil Liberties Kerala branch. He had made his mark in the prohibition movement and its promotion through the length and breadth of Kerala.

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