Ragging in Bijapur Medical College

Dr. Y.P. Chhibbar, General Secretary, PUCL had sent a case of ragging in a Medical College in Karnataka on January 30, 1997. The Commission considered the replies received from the concerned authorities on April 30, 1997. The order was conveyed to the PUCL on July 11, 2000:

The Commission received a complaint from Shri. YP Chhibbar, PUCL Delhi who had alleged that there was a large scale of barbaric and obscene ragging of students of first year and fresher of medical College of Bijapur, Karnataka. The impact of the ragging was so deep that some of the students left their studies and returned back home. The rage of ragging created so deep havoc that some times the freshers who were recently tortured and forced to perform bestial act and they had over night become psychological wrecks in sequel to the trauma and they needed immediate medical attention if their lives were to be saved from disaster. These incidents of ragging were immensely more sadistic and cruel, inhuman. The worst of all that these would happen in the presence of wardens of the hostel. The principal of BM Patil Medical College, Dr. PL Kariholu was permitting this menace to continue in connivance with vice principal, the hospital administration, and the teaching staff all were aware what was going on in the campus. The complainant prayed for sincere and true effective steps to ensure that the Hydra headed monstrosity of ragging was eradicated forever.

The Commission took cognisance of the complaint and issued notice to the Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka calling for the reports within 6 weeks. The Secretary to the Government of Karnataka submitted a report stating that the Principal of BM Patil Medical College stated in his report that 16 students were booked in the APMC Police Station in case No. 13/97. The case was investigated and charge sheet was filed in the Court against them which was pending for trial. The Principal of the Medical College rusticated these 16 students from the college and the same was communicated to the parents of the students. The Commission has gone through the report and is of the view that since this students who were found involved in the ragging were facing the trial of the Court and the charge sheet was filed in this connection, which would take it's own course of Law. The 16 students were rusticated from the college. The Commission is concerned with the ill treatment and the ignomity with which the fresher and the first year students, meet in the professional college campus. The case is accordingly closed.

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(PUCL Bulletin, August 2000)