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June 2, 2000

Custodial death in Moodabidri police station

PUCL South Kanara appointed a committee consisting of Ms. P.B. DíSa and B. Varada Rao, to probe into the Custodial Death that occurred in the Moodabidri Police Station on 30/31st May 2000.

The findings of the committee are:

These are normal tricks of the Police Dept to mislead public and fabricate evidences to prove their case and escape and often, we must say with all anguish that medical men join hands with the unscrupulous Police to hide the truth at the cost of justice and fair play

In the recent history of South Kanara, this is the first time an S.P has filed a criminal case for murder against the Sub-Inspector. Normally the trend has been to dodge, delay, escape, mislead and appoint commissions to inquire into such atrocities and misdeeds .We take note of this and wish to congratulate Mr. Kamal Pant, SP and Mr. Bhosle, IGP for filing a criminal case against a Khaki clad officer which we have been demanding treating a policeman at par with any other citizen .If this is done in every case of criminal act by a police officer ,it will go along way in restoring police image to its right place

Death of a person about 8/10 years back in the same station is still in the memory of the people of the District. We appeal to all the people to react vehemently and also to join PUCL in large number so that such things do not ever repeat in the District.

P B DíSa

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