PUCL Bulletin, Dec. 2000

Karnataka PUCL:
State Convention: Demand for State Human Rights Commission

The State level Convention of PUCL (Karnataka) was held at Mangalore, on 2.10.2000. The inauguration of the Convention was by the mayor of the city Smt. Sundari. The keynote address was delivered by Dr. Rajendra Shetty, Principal SDM Law College. He spoke on 'Judiciary and the common man'. The other speakers in the Convention included Mr. Varadesh, correspondent Deccan Herald, who spoke on, 'Displacement in Dakshina Kannada on account of Mega industries'. Mr. Chidambara Bikampady, correspondent, Kannada Prabha spoke on 'Atrocities on Koragas'. Prof. Rita Narohna of Roshani Nilaya spoke on 'Atrocities on women'. Mr. Vivek Padyal, lawyer, spoke on 'Right to Health', while Prof. Ashok of Rohani Nilaya spoke on 'Police and the common man'.

The general body of the PUCL (Karnataka) met in the afternoon session and President Prof. Hasan Mansur chaired it. The newly elected office bearers are as follows: President: Prof. Hasan Mansur: Vice Presidents: P B D'Sa, Betta Sundara Bhat; Secretaries: V Lakshminarayana, Ramdas Rao; Joint Secretaries: R. Bhandari, Elizebeth Lobo; Treasurer: N Diwakar; Executive committee members: Ronald Pinto, Muzafar Asadi, E. Rati Rao, P. Varada Rao, J. J. Reddy, P. R. Vate and H. S. Upadhyaya.

The General Body adopted the following resolutions:

§ The PUCL (Karnataka) urges the Karnataka Government to expedite the judicial process so as to release all the TADA detenues languishing in the Jails of Karnataka.

§ This Convention urges the State Government to immediately form the Karnataka State Human Rights Commission. It urges the State Government to be proactive in order to uphold communal harmony at Baba Budan Giri. The communal forces have already started new kinds of religious activities to instigate the public, to whip up communal tension. The Government should immediately take preventive steps to stop the new forms of religious activities and uphold communal amity at Baba Budan Giri.

§ The General body condemns the systematic attacks on the Christian community in the country. It also urges the Government to provide appropriate protection to the community in the State.

§ The PUCL (Karnataka) strongly condemns the Central Government's coveted designs to introduce oppressive TADA Laws in new form. The PUCL opposes all forms of black laws and urges the Central Government to stop such designs.

-V. Lakshminarayana

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