Triple Murder Case in Kashmir

(The following letter was written by former M.P., Syed Shahabuddin to Dr. Farooq Abdulla, Chief Minister of J&K, with a copy to General Secretary, PUCL)

You must have seen the horrifying story of the Triple Murder Case in the Greater Kashmir issue of 24 June 2000. May I request you to obtain and see for yourself the text of the statement recorded by the Late Farooq Ahmed before Mr. G. M. Dar, Magistrate, under Section 164 Cr. P.C.? I feel that the case is not dead, if your Government decides to pursue the matter. In fact, the testimony of Farooq Ahmed, given in anticipation of his death has great evidentiary value. I, therefore, request you to order detailed investigation of the case so that the RRI personnel involved can be prosecuted. - 29 June 2000


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(PUCL Bulletin, August 2000)