PUCL Bulletin, 2001

Books on Kashmir

Dear Friends,
I have published the following booklets. These could be of interest to your readers:

1. Kashmiri Muslim Perspectives on Inter-Religious Dialogue;

2. Building Bridges of Harmony: A Speech by Maulana Anwar Shah Kashmiri;

3. Hazrat Bulbul Shah: The First Sufi in Kashmir;

4. Dara Shikoh and His Contribution to Inter-Religious Dialogue;

5. Religion, Dialogue, and Justice: Interviews with Indian Theologians and Activists;

6.Inter-Religious Dialogue and Liberation Theology: Interviews with Indian Theologians and Activists;

7. The Islamic Movement and the Political Challenge;

8. Islam and the Kashmiri Liberation Struggle: The Writings of Sayyed Ali Shah Geelani.

9. The Baba Budhan Giri Dargah Dispute.

These booklets are between 30 and 40 pages in length. They are priced at Rs. 10 each [Indian] or £ 1 [UK] or $1.50 [US].

Contact: Yoginder Sikand,
4304 Oakwood Apts. IV, 8th Main, 1st Cross, Koramangala-III, Bangalore-560034, email address: ysikand@hotmail.com

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