In a Lithuanian prison
By Ashique Hamdani

(Following account of a prison in Lithuania was received through the PUCL website. It is being published without any editing -Chief Editor)

It was a usual evening and I was remaining alone in my cell No 338 at Vilnius prison VTI-K on May 31st 2000. I was an hostage of Republic of Lithuania since Feb. 15, 2000 and asked by prison administration to sign a paper that issued by Prosecutor Mr. T. Krushna who banned my advocate Mr. Burokas to see me, earlier to Mr. Krushna put me in court on May 26, 2000 to prolong my detention for one month more. Mr. Krushna instead of informing my own advocate, brought a defense lawyer for me by his personal choice, I, in court refused to accept this defense lawyer and asked for Mr. Burokas but judge Mr. Ziedelis who was in pre-arrangements with persecutor against me, rejected my request and declared that this man as my defence lawyer and than prolonged my detention for more one month on 26th May 2000. I was asked by the secretary of court to sign this decision I refused it and spit upon the Judge to express my feelings. Two police constables jumped upon me and started to beat me in the room of court. Upon the police report prison administration decided to ban me to take meal from prison for one month but I threatened my third hunger strike against such action, because of it my right to take meal from prison were restored. But, the torture I faced on May31st 2000 reminds me the brutal stories of KGB and third world military dictators.

It was usual evening on 31st May, a small hole of entrance door suddenly opened and I were asked to come near the door, I obeyed it politely and than one paper were shown to me, it was a fax message of Mr. T. Krushna that were written in Lithuanian language and were translated to me in Russian, verbally, that my wife has cancelled the my attorney therefore I am not allowed to meet Mr. Burokas, my defence lawyer, anymore. This was absolutely a false statement and I asked a copy of this fax message until that I refused to sign. I also refused to give back this message until it was not guaranteed to give me a copy of this message.

A man with official dress and two stars on his shoulder came and ordered me to leave my cell and asked to go another room on ground floor. He ordered to open my door and I saw that man were accompanying with four other person who were also wearing an official uniforms, they led me to the ground floor and asked me to sign and give back this fax message of Mr. Krushna. I again refused to do it. The man with two stars, ordered me that I should talk with him while keeping and obeying the inner rules of prison that I should bent my head down and see the floor while my arms should be behind side of my body and my both hands should intact with each other. I also refused to do it and than this man jumped upon me and started to beat my chest, head, stomach and shoulders. He pushed me to the wall and than put me on a table with his full power than again he took me and beaten me with his legs until I felled down, then he ordered to his men to take me and put me into my cell. I gave back paper and refused to sign until a copy of it were not available to me. The man with Two Stars brought me a copy of Krushna's message and I signed it latterly. A complete medical check up of mine was held in Prison's Hospitals next day on June 1st 2000.

Earlier to it I got a chance to contact Lithuanian Human Rights Association Secretary, Stasys Kaushinis. He came to me on June 2nd 2000 with one other prosecutor, Mr.Tamoshiunas. I indicated this torture. Mr. Jonas Malashkevichius, an official of prison administration, were also sitting there and denied with claiming that a torture can't be happened without his knowledge and he, as he claimed, haven't any information about my torture. I asked for my up-to-date medical record and X-rays of one day earlier. Mr. Malashkevichius left the room to invite one of Prison's Physicians with my Medical Record. The Physician instead of bringing my record came with medical file of a Jordanian prisoner. Again he left to bring my file but came back with empty hand. He announced that person who is keeping my record left earlier from his office and therefore it was not possible for him to bring my file. Prosecutor Mr. Tamoshiunas promised that a complete medical check-up should be managed in three days. But instead of medical check-up some high potential chemical were included into my daily meal to remove my inner energies because of these, it was bleeding from my stomach while making shit in toilet. Mr. Stasys Kaushinis with another prosecutor again visited me on June 7th 2000 to investigate the conduct of Mr. Krushna. I am highly oblige of Mr. Stasys Kauðinis and Lithuania Human Rights Association together with my advocate Mr. Broukas, they took a firm and committed stand for me that led me out from the walls and dogs of Vilnius Prison after 112 days on June, 8th, 2000.

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(PUCL Bulletin, Sept., 2000)