PUCL Bulletin, March 2001

Unprecedented Tragedy

Also, Earthquake in Gujarat: Nature's Fury, Human Folly
Some Thoughts from Bhuj and Anjaar

The earthquake on January 26, mainly concentrated in Gujarat is an unprecedented tragedy. We offer our heart-felt sympathies for the families of those who died and for the injured and those who have suffered loss.

The President of the Gujarat PUCL, Prof. Deva Vrat Pathak and the General Secretary Shri Gautam Thakar were conducted by the undersigned. They informed him that the members of the PUCL were safe and that the Gujarat PUCL was doing its best to render assistance to the needy.

Till the writing of those lines the Jamshedpur PUCL had informed the undersigned that they were going to collect money to be sent to the Gujarat PUCL.

We are greatly pained to read in The Asian Age of February 8 that the people of Kuchh decided not to accept government relief in protest against, what they call, "control over relief operations by fascist elements". It was reported that the relief workers told people, "Say Jai Shri Ram if you want food". It is reported that Shri V.P. Singh and Shri I.K. Gujral (former Prime Ministers), Shri Har Kishan Singh Surjit (CPIM General Secretary), and Surendra Mohan (former MP) met the Prime Minister to express their concern over discrimination in distribution of relief material. Other reports say that there is discrimination on the basis of caste also.

We are publishing a piece by the President of the Gujarat PUCL, Professor Deva Vrat Pathak on the front page.

We are also publishing a small piece written by Sehjo Singh and Anwar Jamal (film makers), senior members of the PUCL, after a visit to Bhuj and Anjaar in Gujarat.

-- General Secretary

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