PUCL Bulletin, Jan, 2001

PUCL Gujarat writes to NHRC

Hon'ble Mr. Justice Verma,
National Human Rights Commission,
Camp at Ahmedabad

Need for State Level Human Rights Commission and District Courts

We are writing this as President, General Secretary, and members of the People's Union for Civil Liberties Gujarat branch. The PUCL is a countrywide voluntary organisation established by late Jay Prakash Narayan.

Since 1995 the PUCL, Gujarat has been earnestly requesting the government of Gujarat to institute Human Rights Commission and Districts Courts as early as possible.

We regret to say that our repeated requests have fallen on deaf ears. All that the Government has done is to have established a Cell that amounts to a mockery of our entreaties.

For the last four years we have been requesting again and again the Government of Gujarat to create a State level Human Rights Commission and District Courts. We met the Governor Shri Krishnapalsingh twice in 1997; Shri Anshumansingh in 1998, and Shri Sunder Singh Bhandari in 1999, but in spite of their promises to prevail upon the Government no steps have been taken.

Our representatives have met the Chief Ministers of Gujarat, including the Secretary concerned as well as the police officials of the State but there is no result except disappointment and despair for us.

Out State of Gujarat claims to be a progressive, highly industrialized and socially advanced State but these are superficial impression if we take into account the deteriorating law and order situation, trampling of human rights of women, children, dalits and tribals and oppression of the minority. It is a tragic reality that every day witnesses the untimely and cruel deaths of young women of Gujarat because of dowry and oppressive customs of our social life.

All these basically are issues of human rights. Their neglect and abuse violent incidents have flared up in recent days simply because a few people take law into their own hands. Often the police are mute spectators or instrument of oppression and corruption.

Ordinary citizens have little to look-forward to except, perhaps, a human right commission that may register their grievances and express their concerns.

In fact, a Committee comprising of the Chief Minister of Gujarat, speaker of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Leader of the opposition and Home Minister has already been appointed for instituting the State level Commission but so far nothing is known about its proceedings.

We are encouraged to see that you have been championing the cause of the oppressed, their human rights and liberties. We beseech you to prevail upon the Government of Gujarat to take necessary steps for the creation of the Human Rights Commission and District Courts at the earliest.

We hope and pray that our meeting with you would certainly bear fruits chiefly because you have a reach and varied background of judiciary and your word would carry a great weight with the Government.

With highest esteem,
Yours faithfully,


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