PUCL Bulletin, 2001

A letter from Legal Aid And Human Rights Centre

Dear Sir,
Greetings from Legal Aid and Human Rights center, Surat, which is part of Navsarjan Trust, Surat. Ours is a voluntary organization that is working in the rural areas of Surat district. We have been doing legal work for a long time. As times passed, we have been able to give a different shape to the legal work in a concrete way by promoting People's Organizations.

From our experience, we realized that if some meaningful advocacy has to be done or if the existing laws have to be meaningfully implemented or a necessary and useful law has to be enacted, it is the people's organizations that can play a great role. This goes without saying that for the protection of Human Rights, People's Organizations is a must.

You have been in some way supporting or encouraging us. Thank you for the same. Continue to support us by sharing your views with us so that we can reach out to the people in a more meaningful way.

-- J. Stanny, Legal Aid And Human Rights Centre, Surat.

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