Harrasment of Indian citizens

Letter to Ext. Affairs minister
Letter to Lt. Gov. of Delhi

Copy of the letter to the Lt. Governor of Delhi:

12 June, 2000
Dear Shri Kapoor,

The current Delhi Police drive to detect and deport illegal immigrants of Bangladeshi origin is causing harassment to genuine Indian citizens who speak Bengali or come from West Bengal and are, therefore, in a sense, indistinguishable from the Bangladeshi immigrants.

I do not know the criteria the Delhi Police applies to sift grain from the chaff. Perhaps it presumes that the people of a particular persuasion living in a particular area are all Bangladeshis.

In an earlier drive, there were mid-night knocks and people were lined-up by religion and then those of a particular persuasion were taken away. This is entirely against the rule of law.

I would suggest a humane approach. A magistrate may be deputed to question the suspects before being detained by the police and the statements of those who claim to be Indian citizens on the basis of their domicile should be checked by reference to the local authorities, before further action is taken.

As you are aware the PUCL has suggested notification of IM (DT) Act in Delhi and setting up of Tribunals which should process such cases.

With kind regards,

Yours Sincerely,



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(PUCL Bulletin, July 2000)