PUCL Bulletin, March 2001

Young Woman Saved

In a rare gesture of courage, sacrifice, and humanity Shri Suresh Jha and his wife Devkala Devi rescued a 20 year old recently married tribal woman of Bihar who had lost her way in Delhi.
Ms. Poonam Tanti was separated from her husband while traveling by bus in the NOIDA area on December 24, 2000. Somehow she reached the gate of a housing complex in Mayur Vihar, Phase I, followed by a number of rickshaw pullers, everyone trying to persuade her to accompany him saying that he knew her. Shri Suresh Jha took her to his nearby Jhuggi and his wife shooed away all the rickshaw pullers. The Jha couple gave her shelter and asked the details of her family. They sent a letter to the address of her father in Munghyr in Bihar.

The Jha couple reported the matter to the General Secretary of the PUCL, whom they knew personally. The General Secretary took the help of Ms. Gopa Joshi, the General Secretary of the Delhi branch of the PUCL. Ms. Poonam was taken by the Jha couple towards NOIDA but the police stopped them suspecting that they had kidnapped her. They had to return home. Ms. Gopa Joshi contacted the ACP and the SHO of the area. She also took them to the village in NOIDA area from where Ms. Poonam said that she had set off for Delhi. But she could not recognise any landmark.
In the meanwhile, the PUCL national General Secretary contacted the Bihar PUCL.

Through the efforts of the Begusarai PUCL and the Begusarai Police her family was contacted. The letter that the Jha family had sent to her father also reached the village in Munghyr from where she hailed. A phone call was received that her sister's husband was being sent to take her back. Her brother-in-law reached on the January 14, 2001 and thus after 20 days of uncertainty she went back to her father's home.

Shri Suresh Jha and his wife thus saved her from falling into unscrupulous hands.

- Y.P. Chhibbar, General Secretary

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