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Report on Ranjit Singhs arrest by the Narcotics Police in Madangir

On a complaint made by Mrs Sudarshan Kaur, w/o Shri Ranjit Singh, Delhi
PUCL appointed a committee of Dr. R.M.Pal, as convenor, Mr V.B.Rawat and
Mr V.K.Ohri as members to investigate into the arrest of Shri Ranjit
singhs of Madangir, New Delhi.

Family version:

Ranjit Singh is a middle aged man, a father of two small daughters aged 4
and 6. He owns a small watch repairing shop near PVR Anupam in Saket. He
had a zeal to fight with anti-social elements in his locality. He has been
living in his home No D-2/163, house at Madangir with his wife, mother and
two other brothers and all have their businesses. This house was built by
his father by selling his old property and shops in the area. People in
the locality vouch that they have been living here since 1972 and have
been very supportive of social causes. So far as police record is
concerned the family has clean record.

According to family members and associates, Ranjit Singh had been openly
supporting the cause of society even at the cost of his life. He dared the
anti-social elements and for the past four years have been writing letters
to Home minister, Police commissioner, against some of these elements
>from his locality who he alleged have been involved in the illegal work of
narcotics such as selling smack. On the basis of one of his reports, a raid
was conducted at the houses, E-II-331-332-333 and Mr Dilbagh Singh and a
number of family member including his wife Harjit Kaur alias Pinky were
also arrested on 23rd January,2000.

Once these people were arrested, the local goons started threatening
Ranjit Singh who wrote letters to Police the commissioner and local police
officials to provide him security. The last such letter was faxed on
February 7th, 2000 to SHO Malviya Nagar. On 23rd February, exactly one
month after the arrest of Harjit Kaur and others, when Ranjit Singh was on
his way to his shop at Saket by his scooter, the narcotics police
officials from Kamla Nagar arrested him at the T-point of Pushp Vihar, on
the charges that smack has been found from his scooter along with Rs 500
as well as 12 watches. Ranjit Singh was arrested by the Narcotics
department of Delhi police and has since been lodged in the Tihar jail.

PUCL visit :

A team of PUCL Delhi visited the area and spoke to a large number of
people including neighbours. Almost all of them vouched that Ranjit Singh
and his family could not have indulged in antisocial activities such as
dealing in Narcotics. But when they were asked as to whether they know
anything about any illegal activity of narcotics in their area, they
became quiet, when pressed they simply said that they did not know
anything about such activity ! Ms Lachma from DII/129, Laxmi Narain from
D-II/167 and other people came

to meet us and said that Ranjit Singh has been falsely accused in the
case. However, all of them denied about any such work going on in the
area. The area is a mini slum and we saw a large number of youngsters and
elders roaming around in streets. We met several people who knew Ranjit
Singh and raised the issue with the police officials. One Darshan Singh,
who was then the Vice President of BJP Yuva Morcha told the Deputy
Commissioner Sudhir Yadav in a public meeting under Delhi Police campaign
" Dilli Police apke Saath" &.in a Gurudwara that any one who speak against
anti-social element and want to help the police will face what Ranjit
Singh has been facing and that is why no body want to speak. Ranjit Singh
has been fighting against the antisocial elements since 1995 and has been
informing the police for four years and as a reward he was arrested and
now rotting in jail as an undertrial ! No body knows how many years he
would remain in jail as an undertrial. Darshan told us that DCP Sudhir
Yadav said the he would inform about the Ranjit case in a month s time but
nothing has happened. ACP Sikka also attended that meeting.

The PUCL team also visited Saket where Ranjit Singh has a small roadside
shop and spoke to various shopkeepers of the locality about him and
everybody said that he is a very sincere person though a bit over
enthusiast; they added that he should not have done these things openly.
He is a strict non-smoker and a very religious person, they said.

We also visited Hauz Khas police station and wanted to speak too the
vigilance department, which conducted the enquiry, but they refused to
speak about the case saying that the matter was subjudice. In private, many
police persons who knew about this case, felt that Ranjit Singh has been
falsely accused. They vouch they there is no case against Ranjit Singh in
the police record while some others about whom Ranjit had complained has
criminal record.

What the local police authorities say about Ranjit Singh :

When we spoke to the police SHO of Ambedkarnagar Mr Bir Singh Yadav, he
expressed his displeasure against Mr Ranjit Singh, saying that Ranjit
Singh never approached him for the purpose of security. Mr Yadav added that
Ranjit Singh never lodged any complaint with the local police. On
questioning the SHP admitted that he was aware of Ranjit Singh s numerous
complaints to various high ranking officials in the Home Ministry. Yadav
felt strongly about Ranjit Singh not approaching him directly. Though
there is no case against Ranjit Singh with local police yet his intentions
were questionable, the police maintained. According to Police they
received 5 complaint of selling smack from the area till date and the
police have worked on all of them. Except for the current case there is no
criminal record against Ranjit Singh with the local police. Mr Yadav was
good enough to allow us scan his record files for the purpose of finding
the antecedent of Ranjit Singh. Yadav also hinted that Ranjit Singh and
his asscociates were political activists who used big names to make their
presence felt. Yadav said that the police has the record that all these
people were hand in glove and they only dissented because they seem to have
monitory dispute over the issue. Yadav said that after his assuming charge
of the office in the area, the incidents of selling smack have decreased.
" we have raided their hide outs and we have been helped by the people. We
also got them award from the higher authorities for helping the police."
According to him, Ranjit Singh has no intention to help the police or the
public. Yadav however admitted that he had never seen Ranjit Singh. He
added that he would have taken action in the matter if Ranjit Singh had
told him about his problems. We had no means to verify Mr Yadav s

According to papers furnished to us by Ranjit Singh s family, all his
complaint letters have been addressed to Police Commissioner, Chief
Justice of Supreme Court, Home minister, Cabinet Secretary and Chief
Minister but no where he has mentioned the fact that the local police is
not helping him. In fact, in one of his letters he has admitted that local
police took action on his complaint. He did not meet the police in respect
of his complaint. SHO s version is that Ranjit Singh complained higher
officials in order to have share >from those who were engaged in narcotics
business in the area. Ranjit s family member informed us that the
vigilance department had given him a clean chit.One wonders though for how
could the department do so since it had not conducted any inquiry against
him. However, the department officials informed that they had conducted
inquiry against those people who were named by Ranjit Singh but they
cannot give us the details about the same.

Conclusion: The JJ Colony area of Madangir is known for such illegal
activities. It is also important that while every body in the locality
vouched for Ranjit Singh s integrity (that he was not in the trade) no
body said that smack is being sold in the area. Though, the local police
says Ranjit Singh did never contact them, the fact is that Ranjit Singh
has been writing to senior police officials for long. He might have been
wrong in not contacting the local police yet he has been writing to police
and other authorities for years. His letter to Madan Lal Khurana, who was
chief minister of Delhi was shown to us. Even some of the policemen in
private confirmed that Ranjit Singh is an honest man and might have been
framed in this case by the higher ups.

It is difficult to accept the police version that Ranjit Singh is hand in
glove with narcotic dealers ( those against whom he complained) for
getting money from them as Ranjit has been writing to police for over four
years. Justice delayed is justice denied and since the case is subjudice,
we would not like to comment anything beyond the human rights aspect. We
strongly feel that Ranjit Singh has been framed in this case.





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