PUCL Bulletin, April 2001

Jamshedpur PUCL:
Tapkara Police Firing Report

Press Release: Suppression of Rights of People for Corporate Powers

Final PUCL report, September 2002

A joint team of Jamshedpur and Ranchi Units visited RMCH to meet the injured villagers in Tapkara Police firing incident to prepare a preliminary report on the same. The initial indications are ominous. 10 villagers died & more than a dozen injured. The conditions of some of the injured are serious. There appears to be a planned attempt. Firing continued for more than an hour as per the unconfirmed sources. Firing was resorted to when villagers started moving back. It is to be noted that this is a second and more serious incident within a month of earlier firing by police at Ranchi.

We are also annexing below the first hand account of statements made by injured including police officials for your ready reference.

Statements of injured in Tapkara police firing incident recorded by a joint team of PUCL Jamshedpur & Ranchi at Ranchi Medical College hospital on February 4, 2001:
Place-Male surgical ward. Bed No.-201-Name-Francis Gudia; Age 30; Village- Gondra; PS-Rania Bullet injury in the chest; injury-serious; firing time at around 4 pm; condition-stable. Bed No.-202-Name-Elias Gudia; Age-28; Vill- Tapkara; PS-Tapkara; Bullet injury in left arm; injury-serious; condition- stable. ** Name-Joseph Gudia; Age-35; Bullet injury in stomach; injury-fatal; condition- dead. Bed No.-233-Name-John Kondalana; Age-32; Vill- Kodakel; PS; injury-serious; Bullet injury in right leg; condition- stable. Bed No.-234-Name-Masidas Gudia; Age-27; Vill- Koinara; PS-Rania; injury-very serious; Bullet injury in the neck; Firing time as above.

Bed No.-235-Name-Masidas Kondolna; Age-35; Vill-Jaipur; Bullet injury in the back; injury-serious; condition-stable. his statement: sequencewise - lathicharge - unprovoked after departure of mla; stone pelting - inreaction by crowd; firing in air; all of a sudden firing at people. Bed No.-238-Name-N.M.Topno; Age-25; Vill-Pirthajamtoli Torpa; Ps-Tapkara; Bullet injury in left hand; returning home; injury- serious; condition- stable. Bed No.-240-Name-Sapan Bhengra; Age-40; Vill- Gondra; PS-Rania; Bullet injury in left leg; returning home; injury- serious; condition-stable. Bed No.-241-Name-Poulush Gudia; Age-45; Vill- Kaleth, Torpa; PS-Tapkara; Works in Tapkara Land Acqusition Office; Applied for early leave for the day at around 4 PM; Took an hour to reach the firing spot; Not aware of the incident; Did not see any stone pelting or lathicharge; People going back in a rush; Suddenluy hit by bullet in the right hand; Timing was around 5 PM; injury-serious; condition- stable.

Bed No.-242-Name-Marthin Kondolna; Age-20; Vill- Kodakel; PS-Tapkara; Bullet Injury in the right leg; injury- serious; condition-stable. **ICU-Sub-inspector R. N. Singh-Tapkara PS Incharge; Did not talk; Head injury by stone. injury appears to be serious; no doctors in sight; unable to confirm. General Ward:- Name-Samuel Topno; Age38; Inhuman torture by three policemen; Bullet injury in head and leg. injury-serious; condition- stable; Policemen brought him to hospital assuming him dead.

Statement Of Kishore Gudia of Gondra Village-An Eye Witness:- *barrier uprooted by police party on Feb 2, 2001 for no reason. barricade had been put by Koel-Karo Jansagathan. there action was questioned by two eyewitnesses. One of them Amrit Gudia beaten badly and taken to tapkara police station. *police station gheroed the next day. *villagers were demanding suspension and discharge of officers incharge of twin police stations Rania and Tapkara. *MLA BJP of the area Mr. Kochhe Munda called on the spot. he had a meeting with police officials on the spot.left the scene after meeting. *police resorted lathicharge soon after. *in reaction villagers started pelting stones. *firing in airfor some time (from the roof top) to disperse crowd. *When crowd started moving back suddenly rifle welding policemen started ) firing on the crowd. *50-60 rifle welding policemen were there. *police official found dead(half body charred)was last seen with MLA. *Does not know Nizamuddin-A known wood mafia reported to have provoked villagers to turn violent (Police version appearing in newspaper). Statement of F.K.N.Kujur-DSP-Khunti-Ranchi-Minor injury by stone. Age-27; Posted-1 year and 5 months; *lathi welding police party-13 sections. *tear gas-1.5 sections. *armed force-2 sections. *

Soon after the departure of local MLA crowd turned voilent and started pelting stones.after discussion people had already started dispersing. However still 1500 people were there on the spot.memorandum submitted.crowd was demanding suspension and discharge of Officers incharge of twin PSs Tapkara and Rania. *Rania OC reported to have seen movement of armed people (suspected nexalites) in the area. police force went there and uprooted the barricade.police action was questioned by a person drunk. He was manhandled and arrested by police party.

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