The AP-PUCL has been actively working on the following cases since 1997:

September 1997

October 1997

November 1997

December 1997

January 1998

February 1998

March 1998

April 1998

May 1998

June 1998

July 1998

August 1998

September 1998

October 1998

November 1998

December 1998

January 1999

February and March 1999

April 1999

May 1999

July 1999

August 1999

September 1999

October 1999

November 1999

December 1999

January 2000

March 2000

April 2000

Thus the State PUCL, after reconstitution in the month of September 1997, has been working continuously for the cause of people, for the protection of their rights by going to the effected areas, meeting the effected people, by constituting fact finding committees, by holding public meetings and by personally representing to the Govt. Shri Pattipati Venkateshwarlu Senior advocate of High Court has been cooperating with us in court matters for filing writ petitions in the High Court.

Before I conclude, on behalf of State PUCL, we offer our heartfelt respects to Shri MV Rama Murthy, one of the founder members and an important Human Rights Activist in AP who died on 24 September 19998.

I feel happy to announce here that relationship between Central and State have been cordial during this period. We have full support of Shri KG Kannabiran and Shri Y. P. Chhibbar.

I would like to thank the following elders and colleagues for extending their guidance and co operations in our efforts in running the State PUCL effectively and smoothly for the last two and half years and we expect the same co operation and guidance in future also.

Shri KG Kannabiran, President National PUCL; Shri K Pratap Reddy, Advocate and Advisor to State PUCL; Shri Pathiapti, Venkateshwarlu, Forum for Right to work; Shri P Narayana Swami, Trade Unionist and Activist- Human Rights; Smt. Malladi Subbamma, President State PUCL; Shri Iqbal Khan, EC Member PUCL; Shri Saida Rao, EC Member PUCL; Shri Khader, Vice President PUCL Nalgonda District; Shri Seshadri Rao, Member PUCL; Shri Rama krishna, General Secretary PUCL Krishna District; Smt. Laxmi Seshadri, Member PUCL; Shri Chandra Sekhar, Dist. Conveyor PUCL Vishakhapatanam; Shri C Narendra, Human Rights Activist; Professor Tippa Reddy.

I am also thankful to all the members we have come here from different parts of the state and making the function a success.

-- Jaya Vindhyala, General Secretary, PUCL AP State branch
-- Malladi Subbamma, President, PUCL AP State branch


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(PUCL Bulletin, July 2000)