PUCL Bulletin, Jan. 2001

Killing of an APCLC activist condemned

PUCL Press Release
"The PUCL has just received the news that Purushottam (43), Joint Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC), was hacked to death today at Hyderabad.

"He, along with his wife, was walking to his house from a shop. Suddenly a wagon came and stopped. Some people jumped out and hacked his body to pieces. Within about fifteen minutes the police came, picked up the pieces and took them to the Hospital. Details are awaited.

"The PUCL strongly condemns the dastardly and cowardly act. It demands a high level enquiry into the crime. This murder is a big blow to democracy in the country.

It appeals to the people to remain calm and maintain peace."

November 23, 2000

Y P Chhibbar,
General Secretary


Mumbai November 29 2000

INSAF (Indian national Social Action Forum) strongly condemns the killing of T Purushottam, Joint Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC) on 23rd November 2000. From all accounts, it is the handiwork of Andhra Police, which has gained notoriety in violation of human rights, and has on earlier accessions killed those human rights activists who expose police atrocities like fake encounters, custodial deaths, and torture. INSAF demands a high level judicial enquiry to the killing of Mr. T Pushottam, who was a popular lawyer known for fighting for human rights. INSAF also demands that the concerned police officials in the district must be immediately suspended.

INSAF is of the opinion that such blatant criminal acts of Andhra police have obviously are protected by the politicians in power who have made unprincipled compromises with the forces of globalization and communalism. The twin threat from these forces has brought in the open the anti-democratic stance of the governance pursuing the agenda of globalisation and communalism. The shrinking of democratic space for the people who are being denied the right to life and livelihood is directly linked up with the onslaught of globalisation and communalism in the country.

Adv. Rajendra K Sail

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