PUCL, 2003

Violence in Gujarat  - reports and analysis by PUCL

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July 2003
Best bakery case - PUCL demands fresh trial, 6 July 2003

Indian rights groups to appeal against Gujarat verdict

June 2003
PUCL and Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan (PUCL-VSA), Gujarat:
First state sponsored violence and now state sponsored muslim depositions

PUCL-Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan (VSA) withdraw from the Nanavati-Shah Commission hearings

March 2003
Hindutva and minorities By Asghar Ali Engineer

February 2003
Gujarat - Every child must know of the right to life By Dr. Satchit Balsari

January 2003
Crime Against Humanity - Excerpts from the report of the Concerned Citizens Tribunal into the recent violence in Gujarat.

November 2002
Gujarat violence - Crime Against Humanity - A new report by: The Concerned Citizens Tribunal ­ Gujarat 2002, Published on November 22, 2002

An appeal by PUCL. By K. G. Kannabiran

Keep Peace in Gujarat, says Human Rights Watch

September 2002
Gujarat violence - concern over plight of women victims -- By Neelofar Haram

Elections in Gujarat: A dismal record of grassroots democracy -- By George Mathew

Elections in Gujarat:
The people can provide the answers -- By Surendra Mohan

M. A. Thomas National Human Rights Award for Shri Harsh Mander

Artists' forum demands justice for victims of violence in Gujarat

Agust 2002
Police high-handed behaviour on 9th-10th June in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

July 2002
Gujarat is burning: A letter to the President by P.S. Appu, Rtd. IAS, April 28, 2002

In the absence of normalcy, assembly elections should not be held now, 22 July 2002

Gujarat: A tale of Maretha Riot affected Persons., July 20, 2002. By PUCL - Shanti Abhiyan

June 2002
Violence in Vadodara: A Report by People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) - Vadodara and Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan June 26, 2002

Gujarat and the Rule of Law. By Amrik Singh

Report of the Concerned Citizens' Tribunal on Gujarat

Human Rights Watch report on Gujarat: May 2002
"We Have No Orders to Save You"

AT THE RECEIVING END: Women's Experiences of Violence in Vadodara (PDF 29 pages) PUCL, Vadodara and Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan published June 26, 2002

May 2002
A panel of sitting judges of the High Court or Supreme Court from outside Gujarat should investigate violence in Gajarat.

Appeal from the Citizens of Gujarat
By Prof. D. N. Pathak. March 2002

'Maaro! Kaapo! Baalo!' - State,Society, and communalism in Gujarat.
A report by PUDR, Delhi, May 2002 (In pdf format)

Letter to the President of India written on the occasion of Baroda Ekta Diwas
(13 May 2002)

Gujarat: Engineered holocaust. By Prof. D. N Pathak

Imminent fear of refugee camps in Gujarat being closed

KPS Gill appointment condemned
April 2002
Narendra Modi Must Go, April 2002

The Day My Spirit Died. By J. S. Bandukwala

Carnage in Gujarat - Press statement by Dr. Y. P. Chhibbar, April 2002

Role of the media during Gujarat carnage. By PUCL Vadodara & Shanti Abhiyan

Women's perspectives on the violence in Gujarat. PUCL Vadodara

Violence in Gujarat. Report by Citizens' Initiative on Violence

CPI (M) and AIDWA on Violence in Gujarat

March 2002
Genocide in Gujarat: An open letter to the president of India. By K. G. Kannabiran, President PUCL, March 2002

Bereft of employment daily wage labourers on the verge of starvation. By Gujarat PUCL & Shanti Abhiyan. March 20, 2002

Interim report to NHRC. By PUCL Gujarat, Mar 21, 2002

Urgent appeal from citizens of Gujarat & India

Horrifying violence in Gujarat condemned -Statement by Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry PUCL

Violence in Gujarat: Memorandum to the President, Prime Minister of India, NDA Allies, Leader of the Opposition Party, and Members of Parliament and the Human Rights' Commission By PUCL Baroda, 17 March 2002