PUCL Bulletin, May 1981

Firsr Issue

It has taken longer than it should have to commence publishing this Bulletin. With its publication it will now be possible to keep in touch with all members of the PUCL and to keep them informed about the activities of their organisation.

The Bulletin will provide information about the state of civil liber-ties in India, as well as about the activities of the PUCL. Each issue, in addition, will take up one topic for detailed examination. In this issue the National Security Act and the manner of its use are discussed. From the next issue onward a 'do-it-yourself' kit will be provided on a series of subjects, for instance, on how a person in detention can, without the assistance of a lawyer, file a writ of habeas-corpus or on what your rights are and what you can do if someone arrives at your house with a search warrant, and so on. Information about individual instances of civil rights violations will also be reported.

The Delhi Unit of the PUCL will bring out the Bulletin on behalf of the PUCL as a whole. Members who have information or ideas which they feel will interest of the' members of the PUCL should send them to the Editorial Collective, PUCL Bulletin, F-67, Bhagat Singh Market, New Delhi 110001.

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