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270-A, Patparganj,
Opp Anandlok Apartments,
Mayur Vihar I, Delhi 110 091
+91-011-2275 0014 (phone);
+91-011-4215 1459 pp (fax)

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PUCL Membership
Life Membership and Patron Membership

The provision of Life Members and Patron Members in the PUCL Constitution
does not create a hierarchy of membership. It simply gives an opportunity to those who want to pay
more as membership fee in a lump sum to do so.


 Patron  Rs. 2000  Annual  US $15
 Life  Rs. 1000
 Annual  Rs. 50
Limited Income
 Rs. 10


Annual subscription to the PUCL Bulletin

 India  Foreign
 PUCL Members  Rs. 10  US $25
 Non-Members   Rs. 120  US $50
 Rs. 150  US $60