Oct 2018

EDITORIAL: Challenging Times for the Human Rights Movements in India


  • A Note About the Muzzling Dissent - Ravi Kiran Jain
  • PUDR Release of Report: The Missing Terror Plot: Bhima Koregaon and the Politics of UAPA
  • Indian Human Rights Activists Must Be Protected - Pushkar Raj
  • Stand up & Speak Out For the Oppressed Against Injustice of All Kinds, Unafraid of All Consequences - Rohit Prajapati
  • Remembering Shri Kuldip Nayar - Sanjay Parikh
  • Why Mail Today Will Not Be Carrying My Cartoons - Satish Acharya
  • Uttar Pradesh: State of Repression
  • Decades of Discord: Assam Against Itself - Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee
  • NRC Debate: How the 1947 Sylhet Partition led to Assam's Politics of the Foreigner - Shoaib Daniyal


  • Press Statement: PUCL Strongly Condemns and Denounces the Arrests under the Draconian UAPA
  • SPI Press Release: Arrest and Prosecute Sambhaji Bhide and Release Intellectuals/Activists
  • PADS Press Release: Statement Against Arrest of Five Intellectuals & Human Rights Activists
  • Statement by Sudha Bharadwaj on 31-08-2018
  • Meeting to Condole Kuldip Nayar's Passing
  • Homage of Citizens For Democracy to Shri Kuldip Nayar, A Noble Journalist
  • Gautam Thaker Passed Away on 08th September 2018
  • Condolence Messages for Gautam Thaker
  • Announcement of PUCL National Council Meeting  
October, 2018