Report from Jamshedpur:

Press Release: S. Bhattacharjee, Jamshedpur PUCL:

Alas! Another custodial death at Sakchi jail today. Krishna Pada Seal, with his wife and son, was lodged in Sakchi Jail from 25.07.00. These new inmates in the jail were tortured by jail Rangdars to extort money. These so called in charges known as jail Rangdars and Dabang criminals are put in operation to torture the new comers to extort money.

On receiving such reports, PUCL team met Mr. Chowdhary, the jail Superintendent, who could not find time to listen the complaint. So, the PUCL brought this to the knowledge of DC East Singhbhum by a written complaint dated 28.7.2000 .

Today, 4, .8.2000, Krishna Pada Seal and family got bail. When the relatives visited the jail to bring them in car, Krishna Pada Seal could not walk and died at the jail gate. The authority & constables pushed the body in the car and forced the relatives to go away. The body was "ought dead" to the Telco Hospital.

Now, Telco PS, Bircanagar (residence of Seal) and Sakchi PS are trying to shift the responsibility of carrying out Autopsy.

The matter is being reported to the National Human Rights Commission.

S. Bhattacharjee
President PUCL, Jamshedpur

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(PUCL Bulletin, Sept., 2000)