PUCL Bulletin, May 2001

PUCL Jamshedpur:
Headmaster Balaram Ratha Honoured: Citation, Plaque, and Shawl Presented

The Jamshedpur PUCL, in a unique gesture on March 24, 2001, honoured the Headmaster of Bankati Middle School in East Singhbhum, Jharkhand for successfully shaping a model school in a remote village and thus helping the young generation secure the right to education. Shri Balaram Ratha had taken charge of this school ten years ago when it was a two-room school with 5 teachers and 25 students. Today the number of students is 700 and there are 13 teachers. The East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner Shri Sailesh Kumar Singh presented the Jamshedpur PUCL Human Rights Award. Shri Singh appreciated the efforts of Shri Ratha saying that he had laid foundations of securing the right to education of the new generation. The school was a unique opportunity for spreading consciousness amongst girls and boys both and by making the school an attractive centre of education.

Shri Ratha thanked the Jamshedpur PUCL for encouraging his efforts towards inculcating a hunger for education. He urged the Deputy Commissioner to upgrade the school to High School.

The function was presided over by Shri S. Bhattacharjee, President, Jamshedpur PUCL. Shri Nishant Akhilesh, General Secretary, conducted the proceedings and Ms. Dolly Banerji moved the vote of thanks. About 1000 persons from neighbouring villages were present in the function.

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