(See also, AIDS aur hum in the eye of the storm in UP, NSA invoked.)

(The Allahabad High Court has ordered the release on bail of the functionaries of sahyog, an NGO working in Almora, UP who were arrested under National Securities Act.

Shri Ravi Kiran Jain, President UP-PUCL appeared for Sahyog. NSA, which was invoked in Almora was revoked earlier due to protests all over the country against its use.
Y. P. Chhibbar)


May 12

Dr. Y P Chhibbar, General Secretary, PUCL has issued the following statement:

"The PUCL strongly condemns the use of NSA against some members of Sahyog, an NGO based in Almora, UP in connection with its report, "AIDS Aur Hum". "It has been the stand of the PUCL that all such laws, of which now extinct TADA was another example, are adopted in the name of "anti national" activities and for fighting "terrorism", but they are used in situations where normal laws of the country should be used. Clamping such laws in cases like that of the above named publication is arbitrary, malafide, and deplorable. "Such misuse of these laws strengthens the case for their repeal.

May 17

Invoking NSA condemned

The district administration of Almora in UP has invoked National Security Act (NSA) against four staff members of Sahyog an NGO working in the field of public health, viz., Jasodhara Dasgupta, Abhijit Das, Sunita Shahi, and Surendra Dhapola. These people were arrested on April 20. On May 4 they were taken from the district jail to the Court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate. The 4 men were in handcuffs and were marched through the market area. On May 11 National Security Act was invoked.

Without going into the merits of the report, we strongly condemn the use of National Security Act in such a case. It has become a practice to use the laws enacted in the name of curbing terrorism and ensuring the safety of the country in situations where the ordinary law of the land should take its course.

We urge that the NSA should be revoked and the arrested persons should be tried under the sections of the Indian Penal Code under which they were booked.

-- Surendra Mohan, Rabi Ray, Rajindar Sachar, Y P Chhibbar, Amrik Singh, D. Jagannathan, R. B. Mehrotra, Gopa Joshi.

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