PUCL Bulletin, June 2001

Update on the Anti-CZP Struggle

March 18, 2001 Stone pillars of CZP kept for fencing demolished by the people.

March 21: Attempt of the RDO to coerce the people who are brought by the police to his office, to give up the poramboke lands fails.

March 25: The house of Ramaswamy, an Adivasi leader, was completely burnt down.

March 30: Adivasis attacked, 6 Adivasis injured.

March 31: 20 Adivasis including some injured and 6 women arrested while taking the injured to the hospital.
Ponnuswamy of Thuvaipathy assaulted and severely injured at night while returning to the village by security guards and goondas of CZP.

April 6: More police force brought and fencing commences under their protection.

April 8: Anti-CZP Joint Action Committee formed with 14 organisations including Adivasi organisations, environmental groups, trade unions etc

April 18: A one day token hunger strike held at Coimbatore. Most of the Adivasis of Thoovaipathy prevented by CZP goondas from attending the hunger strike. Protest meeting held at Gudalur, Nilgiri District.

April 19: The arrested 20 Adivasis were asked by the sessions judge to put up two sureties for Rs.5000 each for their release which was not possible. The bail petitions moves to the District Court.

April 30: District Court revises the bail order. Protest meetings held in various parts of Tamilnadu including Ambasamudram in Tirunelveli, Palani Hills etc.
A Fact-Finding Team consisting of Thomas Kochery, David Selvaraj and A.J Jawad constituted by the All India Coordinating Forum of the Adivasi/Indigenous Peoples arrives for a 3 day fact finding mission.

May 2: A protest meeting takes place in Alamaramedu, an Adivasi village in Anaikatti Hills, attended by representatives of primarily Adivasi organisations from various parts of Tamilnadu and Kerala as well as the villages from the region, announces boycott of elections, spread and intensification of struggle.

May 4: The arrested 20 Adivasis including 6 women released on bail after more than a month in prison, arrives at Thuvaipathy despite threats from CZP goondas and vows to carry on the struggle.

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