PUCL Bulletin, Oct. 2000

INSAAF International

Press Release
Assault in Moga


Bhatinda 20.9.00

Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee Prime Minister of India has asked the Chief Secretary, Government of Punjab to take appropriate action in the Rajiana molestation case. arnail Singh father of the two young girls, victims of police repression and molestation had sent a copy of the investigation report of Insaaf International with his complaint to the Prime Minister on 29.8.00. The office of Prime Minister informed Jarnail Singh to this effect through letter number 16/03/2000-PMP-Z/78756 dated 5.9.00.

Since 1991 Jarnail Singh has a property dispute with Sadhu Singh who latter became ruling Akali Dal MLA. Under political influence Jarnail Singh was ‘picked up’ and tortured by Moga police many times to pressurize him to withdraw criminal case against the MLA. When Jarnail Singh did not bow down, women folk of the house were made victims of extreme humiliation and repression on 16.8.00.

Insaaf International after talking to the victims, eyewitnesses, villagers, Akali MLA, SHO and SSP concluded that heavy police force headed by the ASI raided the house of Jarnail Singh and his brother. No male member was present in the house during the raid. ASI abused, misbehaved and molested the two daughters of Jarnail Singh. Police official threatened the two girls of rape and to parade them naked in the village if their father did not withdraw the case against MLA.

We condemn the Moga Police chief for stage managing the 'clean chit' to the guilty police official and MLA by conducting a hoax of an inquiry through his subordinate officer. In the inquiry it was stated that the girls did not show the torned clothes to the inquiry officer. According to reports the inquiry officer hardly spent a few minutes with girls. The girls had shown their torn clothes to the pressmen at Bhatinda during a press conference on 26.8.00. A photo of girls showing the torn clothes is being released to the press.

The report of Insaaf International was sent by the father of the two victims to the Chief Justice Supreme court, Prime Minister of India, National Human Rights Commission, Chief Justice, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Punjab Human Rights Commission for immediate action against the guilty police officer.

Dr. Vineeta Gupta General Secretary,
Insaaf International

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