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Ceasefire in Naga areas
An appeal from friends of the Nagas


New Delhi
July 2000

We are aware that the ongoing Indo-Naga peace talks have run into serious difficulties since the arrest of Mr. Th Muivah, the General Secretary of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (I-M) in Bangkok on January 19 by the immigration authorities of Thailand for travelling on fake Passport.

We are also aware of the reason why he had to use a fake passport. We are concerned about the developments at home and in Bangkok. These developments are not helping create a conductive environment to maintain cease-fire meaningfully or continue the dialogue to find lasting solution to the 50-year-old problem between Nagas and the Government of India. We are committed to promoting a dialogue between the Government of India and NSCN so that the peace talks could seriously begin. We realise that at this juncture the cease-fire is under considerable strain and we are committed to the continuation of the cease-fire. Any break down of the cease-fire agreement would cause serious problems both to the Nagas as well as the Government of India. Return to violence and repression would be a devastating set back to the emerging civil society, movement for peace and justice in Nagaland and also in the rest of the country. We feel that at this juncture it is of utmost importance that the cease-fire be maintained and peace talks be resumed in a constructive and a meaningful manner. Hence, we appeal to the Government of India to renew the cease-fire agreement with NSCN in the same manner as it was done in 1997.

We also realise that the presence and participation of Mr. Th Muivah is essential for continuation of the peace talks. Hence, the Government of India for the sake of finding a solution to the Naga tangle should intervene at this juncture to secure the release of Th Muivah from Thailand. This gesture will be a magnanimous one paving the way fore creating positive e environment towards finding a peaceful solution.

We also appeal to the Thai Government to release Mr. Th Muivah so that the peace process could be revived.

Sd. VP Singh, Chandra Shekhar, HD Deve Gowda

-Y P Chhibbar, with inputs by Surendra Mohan and Nandita Haksar

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(PUCL Bulletin, Sept. 2000)