PUCL Press Statement condemns Kashmir killings

August 1 and 2 will go down in the recent history of Jammu and Kashmir as the bloodiest two days. In these two days between 95 and 100 people were killed in 8 massacres in the state of these 33 were reported to be pilgrims on the Amarnath Yatra and 6 are reported to be members of a Kashmiri Muslim family. A very large number if them were laborers from Eastern Utter Pradesh and Bihar. The areas affected mainly were Pahalgam, Doda and Kupwara. In these areas the 8 massacres were on Pogal, Paristan, Danmata, Gujjar Nar, Kair, Kalaroos, Quazigund, Soodan and Kunda.

The Peoples Union for Civil Liberties condemns these massacres in the strongest possible terms. On the one hand this rash of killings is another link in the chain of violence in the state and on the other an attempt to rouse feelings against the attempts at to put hurdles in the attempt to solve the Jammu & Kashmir problem through negotiations as these came a night before the senior Home Ministry officials were to arrive in the state to start negotiations with Hizbul-Mujahideen.

The PUCL is confident that both the parties intending to sit across the negotiation table will not give up the peace process.

Y P Chhibbar, Ph. D.
August 3, 2000 General Secretary

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(PUCL Bulletin, Sept. 2000)