Poster Exhibition

On 9.10.99 , a Delhi - PUCL team headed by its President, Justice R. B. Mehrotra, put up a poster exhibition, in front of new Jama Masjid in new Seelam Pun, on police atrocities. The local response was very encouraging. The residents gladly permitted displaying posters at their doorsteps causing them a bit of inconvenience.

People going to the mosque for prayers and going home after prayers saw the posters. Many of them made comments too. Some of the comments were on corrupt politicians and bureaucrats including the police. Many said such exhibitions would be more useful to jhuggi dwellers as they were generally the worst victims of police atrocities. The self employed residence were worried about the September 8 Supreme Court's judgement. They said that the government had initially promised them alternate sites. They got registered and paid instalments.
But later the government expressed its helplessness. Thus their capital is also locked. The residents also said that the Delhi Vidyut Board had started schemes to provide proper meters and other infrastructure for those using machines requiring high voltage. Many small units had applied and paid instalments for the same. They were worried now in view of the court's judgement. Some young school going girls also saw the posters. The young boys were active participants. They helped us in putting the posters and in removing them at the end. They patiently saw the posters. The Delhi -PUCL leaflets introducing posters have received encouraging response. Many women also came and purchased the literature.

Among the PUCL Executive members Suraj played an active role in putting
up the exhibition.

-- Gopa Joshi, General Secretary, Delhi PUCL

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