April 27, 2000

Support for Shri Umadhar Prasad Singh

The PUCL expresses its deep concern on the issues which Shri Umadhar Prasad Singh, sitting MLA of the Bihar Assembly, has raised by resorting to fast unto death. His demands which include the implementation of the scheme for revival of Ashok Paper Mills, Bihar and for rehabilitation of all the workers employed in the Mill. Shri Singh's main grievance is that the scheme for revival has not been implemented. The workers employed in the Mill have not been rehabilitated. On the other hand, on the basis of false information furnished by the Secretary, Industrial Policy and Promotion, Govt. of India, the Apex Court has disposed off Shri Singh's application raising grievance that the scheme has not been implemented. Shri Singh has also raised a grievance that one of the Judges of the Apex Court, siting in the Bench, while hearing the Review Petition, has made un-parliamentary remarks against Shri Singh, which is an insult to the people of the country.

The PUCL supports the demands raised by Shri Umadhar Singh. It urges the Govt. of India to intervene in the matter and set up an independent time bound enquiry to find out the correctness of the affidavit filed by the then Secretary of the Govt. of India (Dept. Industrial Policy and Promotion), regarding genuine implementation of the Scheme of Revival of Ashok Paper Mills and rehabilitation of the workers of the Mill.

We urge Shri Umadhar Prasad Singh to withdraw his fast unto death as his life is very precious and wish that he lives long to fight the injustice being perpetrated every day on the weaker sections of the Society.

Y. P. Chhibbar, General Secretary, PUCL

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